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A 2004 Londonderry High School Graduate and the second youngest New Hampshire resident to pass the state bar, Jenny Milana has held her own law practice, Milana Legal, since January of 2009. Now specializing in wills and trusts, she discovered her passion for law fourteen years ago when she worked in a local law office answering phones and doing general office work.

Currently, Milana works with intellectual property, corporate law, estate planning and personal injury. She is looking to expand into immigration law and work with couples that are married to establish documents if the spouse who is not an American citizen is widowed or has assets in a foreign country. There is a rise with this issue for many American couples and, with the new move into immigration law, she will be able to help couples become citizens, send their children to college, and understand how to plan their estate.

Milana recommends parents get a living will and power of attorney once their children turn eighteen. Due to HIPAA laws, without the proper documentation, it is hard for doctors to communicate with parents once their children are no longer minors. She also recommends, for those taking care of their aging parents or relatives, to legally obtain all the necessary documents so the caregiver can have access to important information.

“Our goal is to open estate planning, corporate advice and the world of intellectual law to people who didn’t think they had quality access to an attorney,” said Milana. She will work with clients and offers flexible payment plans to meet the clients’ needs. The initial consultation is free and she will outline the process and any fees associated.

Milana Legal is family-friendly and children are welcome. Milana will also make house calls without additional billing, offers flexible scheduling, including nights and weekends, and is licensed to work in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. To make an appointment, call her office Monday through Friday, 9 AM until 5 PM, at 603-552-5244. Her office is located at 78 West Broadway in Derry.


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