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For nearly 40 years, Brooks Real Estate Services has been providing professional, timely and quality real estate services by utilizing leading-edge technology and research and state-of-the-art analytical techniques. Owned and operated by George F. Brooks II, Brooks Real Estate works closely with lenders, attorneys, corporations, and investors to provide accurate and honest appraisals.

While attending school for law in the 1970’s, Brooks returned to his home state of New Hampshire to continue working to pay for his degree. After a number of opportunities, including delivering beer for Silver Brothers, Brooks found a niche in real estate and stayed with one gentleman established in the industry throughout the 1980’s. By 1989, Brooks was ready to venture on his own. His firm has been located in Londonderry for the last 28 years.

Specializing in appraisals, tax abatements, and consulting, Brooks will travel to most areas in the state of New Hampshire. Brooks Real Estate gives clients fair appraisals only after inspecting the property, taking pictures, reviewing floor plans, and comparing the property to those of similar size, style, and environment. “After I inspect the home, I evaluate it by comparing them in multiple listing services for comparable sales. I choose the best properties that have sold that match the structure and then write a report,” explained Brooks.

Brooks is a certified general appraiser, which means he can appraise all different properties for all different reasons. “I work closely with clients to give accurate appraisals on properties that they are financing. I can also assist homeowners in getting appraisals in they are interested in putting their property on the market or need an appraisal due to legal issues,” he said. He also added that the average appraisal takes three to four days.

As a certified general appraiser, Brooks attends 28 hours of classes and is required to re-certify every two years. He is also a certified instructor in the ethics of appraising and is one of 450 instructors in the country. He also teaches a green certification class, which is very important to the market and learning the correct value of the new technology.

Along with his certifications, he has been very involved in the community. He was a member of the Londonderry Rotary Club for over twenty years, including two-time President and other positions. He has also participated in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Manchester, past President of the NH Board of Realtors, and worked to get the MLS books computerized. Brooks also served on the NH Real Estate Appraisal Board for five years. “I believe it is very important to give back to the community,” he stated.

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