The Comedy of Errors with Sherry

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 The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60’s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

This week could be another 7 pager. I’m so sorry but it might just go that way. Just like they were when we first started this road together. I have to tell you about my Wednesday, today, now. I still can’t believe everything that happened in one day. I even said, “May God strike me dead.” I know a horrible thing to say at all, but I wanted to stress to John that this is exactly how the day went.

It all started with a friend saying I should stop into a salon in town called Bamboo and check it out. I know it sounds nutty but I had not heard about them and they have been with us for a while. I drove over and was greeted by the nicest young girl, Shannon Livingstone. Shannon was a 2010 graduate of LHS. She loves children and down the road she hopes to combine early childhood and business together as a career. How great is that?

While I was looking around and finding so many nice things about this place that I wanted to come back and enjoy, someone made my day completely unexpectedly. I won’t tell you how but I want to thank Julie! I was having a really over the top worrying about things I can’t control day and “Julie” came into my life for maybe 2 minutes and made me smile. Angels among us. Touch you and move on; beautifully.

I met a stylist named Sarah, my eyebrows were a mess, so while I was visiting I asked if she would have time to wax them for me. I was starting to look like Bushman! I’m not sure what I mean by that, but that’s what I always think when I look in the mirror and I have let them go. Anyway, for $12 Sarah neatened me up and I felt pampered for a few minutes. She is a doll!

Stop in if you get a chance, they have a lovely private pedicure area for three if you want to go with friends. Sarah told me that men love pedicures too. At first they hesitate and then they can’t wait to come back. I wonder if John would like that for Father’s Day? You never know. Anyway.

Next I decided I would check out the Amala Wellness Yoga Studio. I thought I really should investigate this entire plaza. Salon, Yoga, and Karate all in one place! I walked into the American Kenpo Academy and Kara was sitting down while the studio was closed trying to get ahead on her work. I popped in on her and yes she made time for me!

Kara explained to me that she and her husband had a life changing experience, a very sad one that brought them to opening this studio. They want it to be a place that all kids can go. They are helping kids to find a good path in life and to find the strength to resist the bad ones.

After leaving American Kenpo, I noticed that a yoga class had just finished. Well this was a moment in time experience for me. Again remember my morning was filled with worry, worry and more worry. God knows why I have these lines on my face!!! I worry about everything, and the truth is that really most of what I worry about never happens but boy can I worry, and I do.

Anyway, I walk in the door, and 5 or so developmentally disabled people offered me the warmest smiles and hello’s. Then somehow they knew I needed just a little more. One lovely girl came running over to me, arms outstretched and she gave me the biggest warmest hug. Then the next young gentleman, he asked my name though. I said, “Sherry,” and he opened his arms wide, without any hesitation and he hugged me. 3 more people followed. 5 of the most beautiful hugs I have ever shared. In 52 years I have never been given such an unexpected, needed at that moment gift in life. I will never forget them or the happiness we brought each other I guess. Maybe we all just need to hug more now that I’m typing and it’s playing over in my mind.

It is just so sad that today, so many people hesitate before hugging or saying, “Hey I Love You.” Let’s do more of it. What are we waiting for? I learned so much from crashing that yoga class!

Next I headed over to our own Driving Range in town Mammoth Green. Do you know how lucky we are to have this in our town? It’s one of the only ones left in the area, how great is that? Vinny the owner, is another one of those great guys. Glenn, Vinny’s manager, has devoted his life to being right there for us. He offered lessons to my dad George years ago, me and even John when we were first married. I love the lessons he offers to kids, too!

I learned about a very exciting change that is coming very soon, but I’ll wait until down the road to tell you about it. I promise you will love it! Stop in and buy a bucket of balls. Vinny always has specials. It’s never too late to pick up a golf club! My dad was 67 when he started playing!

After visiting with Vinny I decided I would, for once in my life, be early for an appointment and I headed for Concord. Wait until you read this, it’s just not believable. I had a 3:30 appointment. I decide to leave Londonderry at 2:00 pm. For once I would be very early, I can relax, maybe find a place for a cup of tea before I go in, prepare even. By my calculations I should have been there by 2:45 easily. I made it to Concord and exit 14 no problem, very early. I can’t wait to brag to everyone, “Yes, Sherry was early,” even, “on time.” Now to make the turns.

John had texted me the directions, but they didn’t seem right. I decided to go to my trusted Waze (I just love the little people in little cars) instead. Remember, I have plenty of time. I follow Waze’s directions and somehow ended up in Loudon not Concord! Okay now I still have 30 minutes. Thank Goodness I left early.

The GPS has now taken over and it just doesn’t seem right. I stop and ask directions, you know the old way we used to get directions. The guy tells me go here, here and here and you’ll be there, it’s right down the road! Dear God, now I’m not near Concord. And his “here’s” and “there’s” are wrong! I pull over and try Waze AGAIN! Now she won’t even answer me! As much as I love Waze when it’s spinning around confused, I really hate it!

I think Stop and ask again. Hurry, 19 minutes left and no clue where this place is. I see a bank! I dash in. 3 very nice ladies start trying to help me. One adds to the others, “Stop your confusing her.” I thought in my head, it sure doesn’t take much for that to happen these days! She takes over the directions and tells me I need to head to the Edible Fruit place and it will be next store. I think easy, I can recognize that. I run to the car. Oh I forgot to tell you what happen before I left the bank, one of the nice ladies quietly comes over to me and says, oh, I almost don’t want to tell you this, but she said to me, “Did you know your Sweater is on inside out?”

I had on a shirt with a black loose sweater over it. I started gripping at my arm seams to surely prove she was wrong and to let her know “it was just the way the sweater was made,” but she kindly stopped me and said, “I thought it was inside out, because, see, the big tag is on the outside showing.” I thought about all the places I had been that day talking about Visit Londonderry, stopped here, went in there and that entire time, yes, my very stylish sweater was inside out and it was very, very obvious.

Shauna from the bank could not have been sweeter or kinder and I’m so grateful she told me. The older ladies mouths dropped as did mine. “Par for the day.” I thanked them all and ran to my car, now my 45 minutes early is down to 12 minutes and counting. Ok I will follow their directions now. Not to be boring, but again, I’m still lost, no place in sight. You must be wondering how can this be, in the age of iPhones, GPS’s and people all over, still lost!

I stopped again and ran into some office building. I felt like I was on the Amazing Race! This nice man must have wondered what the heck had breezed into his office from off the street and God bless him, he tried to help me. I listened, I tried, still lost. 3:35, now I’m late!

How can this be? Early, early, early, that was my plan. 5th stop, another Bank. A younger man, directions and goodness he was so trying. You see each person was so sure they knew how to get there. I drive, I turn, I try 5th time. 3:45.

Okay, I think this is just not meant to be, I’m going to go to the end of this street and then turn around. I know what you’re thinking, “Why didn’t you just call them?” But I did over and over, no answer. I swerve to the right into a parking lot, so I can turn around to head home. Something tells me to turn my head a little more to the right and as I said to John, “May God strike me dead,” if this is not the truth, there I am somehow in the parking lot of the place I had been looking for all along. Now how beyond strange is that!

I gathered my stuff, said the heck with fixing my makeup, skipped the lipstick and headed for the door. I made it! Can you believe that? I still can’t. There I was just about ready to cry or laugh, it could have gone either way, but somehow I had arrived. Oh I did quickly turn my sweater inside out too! Sorry to ramble, but I still can’t believe it happened like that myself!

Okay, now how do I leave that and jump into the next really exciting story I want to tell you. And Dear Goodness I know I’m already at 6 pages. Ok, you know what, I’m going to wait. I know you have things to do, but I just have to tell you a little bit about another good man. Remember last week I asked if there were other people out there or places you and I should be learning about? An e-mail came with this information attached! Through, we will tell you more about this wonderful man and his family. Brian Templeton and his wife Christine are humble and always there to help others. They give behind the scenes constantly and I worry that often it probably takes away from things they need to do for their family. Brian Templeton is a musician who has performed all over Europe and the USA. Bet you didn’t know we had someone like that living right here in our town! He has many CD’s and he is known for Blues, Rock and Roll and Country music, too. The neatest thing is that like so many of us they were searching and questioning their faith. Now I’m not going to tell you anything more but do something different and go to this link. And jump on board to help if you can.

Two last things, I promise. First of all, I titled this the Comedy of Errors, and after reading the first 3 pages you must agree it was a good title and a way to begin. And it’s just too funny but it turned out that it’s the perfect ending, too! As I ended this week of on the Road, someone I didn’t think read my rambles mentioned that I really should check my spelling and grammar! It actually took me back a baby step I guess.

My goodness, I know they are 100% right and you must be thinking it too at times. I really should check for all that, and I do, I promise. I read On The Road With Sherry over maybe once if there is time, and sometimes not at all if there is not. Remember we all know I’m not a writer, but boy do I admire the people that are and that can.

My stories are kind of like my life, maybe your life too, some parts are pretty darn perfect, most are a little messed up and the things I think I’m getting right and even get a little cocky about usually don’t work out at all! I have a good man by my side, but at times we drive each other bonkers, too! We both just try our best, which doesn’t run much more than a C+ most times, but we try, we really do, just like you a bet!

Now I have to tell you this too. Sometimes when I read my own story again on Saturday mornings, and I’m embarrassed to tell you that I started a couple weeks ago hitting the Facebook “like” for myself! I’ve never realized how that works and I “like” seeing that number go up! Yes, and boy do I see mistakes in spelling and grammar, but I kind of “like” them too, not to many, but they are a reflection of me, many little bumps in the road, mistakes here and there I guess.

I just have to face facts, my make-up is never perfect, my electric curler curls, fall out usually before lunch each day. Almost every day I find a spot of something I was cooking somewhere on my top or skirt, or worst yet my face after I’ve been on the Road, seldom before! Yes, the comedy of errors!

With a Grateful Heart, Spelling Errors, No real curls, and many spots on my clothes and face,
Hugs and Love You Sherry

On the Road with Sherry

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Sherry has lived in Londonderry since the 1960's. Her mother was one of the first employees at Mr. Steer Meats. Sherry taught at the Londonderry High School for a number of years and spearheaded the first Career Education Class at the school. She has two daughters of her own with her husband John.
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