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The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60’s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

I know the world is slowly changing to texting, and for some people that’s pretty much all they do, but no one will ever convince me that a good old phone call is not 100% better. Ok, maybe not 100 percent but at least 99%. Texting can be forever, and if you type it wrong or with too much of an attitude even, you can’t take it back. It’s kind of like emailing that way. It’s very empowering, can make us pretty brazen even at times, or cold in my opinion. A good old phone call, a voice to voice connection just can’t be beat.

Just now and it’s Tuesday. I should have been doing 20 other things for Visit Londonderry, but instead I thought about a dear friend, with a lovely little grand baby that we’ve been neglectful of. At first we were in touch all the time, stopping by, checking in, but then as life took over that slowed down and it’s so strange but with each phone call we put off the next one gets harder to make, harder to pick up the phone is what we used to say, I guess. I still say “dial the phone” too, but wow that’s really out dated now.

Anyway, something told me to just call right now, stop making excuses or chickening out. Once this much time has passed you worry that the other person will be mad, not call back or call back and tell you just how rude you’ve been. I’m not sure what the outcome will be, but you know what, it feels good that I tried. And just maybe if I’m lucky the girls and I will get to visit and see this beautiful baby again. If I don’t hear back, I’ll be disappointed, but know that I deserved that too. We can’t always wish people to do what we want or what’s best for us. Maybe before the week’s done I can let you know what happened, but either way, if you read this I bet you have one, or if you are like me a few people, that you’ve lost track of maybe through the months or years, too.

Why don’t you give it a try and pick just one of those people to call out of the blue and see what happens. Life is really too short to wait, and if we are both lucky it will do our hearts good. If you send me an e-mail about your story I’d love to read it and if you are okay with it tell your story here too, but that’s up to you. This email address is private if you’d rather send it here Sherry(at) Well it is Friday morning and you know this is when I complete my On The Road, sadly no call back yet. Still hopeful, but nothing yet, I will keep you posted.

Phones played another big part in our lives one night while we were away on vacation last week too. We were just so fortunate to be a part of this and these calls. Here’s what happened: Some of you know that my daughter Meredith is simply all sports all the time. I’d bet anyone that she could give even the savviest man (not to be sexist, but sometimes I just am!) a run for his money, talking sports. Recently she wrote an essay about our own Ryan Griffin from Londonderry. Meredith has just admired his hard work, never give up attitude and devotion to his sport, Football, from a distance for a while now. She’s never met him but the week before we left for Florida she completed a story about Ryan for a college essay. His Mom and Dad would be proud to read it too!

You must get sick of me typing this to you, but as life goes, not a week later we are in FL and very dear friends of Ryan’s family stopped by to visit us while they were in FL too. Strangely, it was the same day that the NFL Draft was happening. Lea and Jim Berry, two of the nicest people you could ever meet, asked if we could put the NFL Draft on the TV in the background as we were all catching up together. They were so very excited, because they know Ryan very well, they think the world of him and he has a special place in their family’s heart. They knew that there was a very good chance he was going to be drafted by an NFL team. Lea had actually driven Ryan to the airport the day before to the place he would wait for that once in a lifetime phone call! I’m getting excited again now, just typing to you how it happened. It reminds me of one of our favorite movies Jerry Maquire.

How strange is that? They had no idea Meredith had just written about him and now we were all getting to share in a special once in a lifetime moment happening to them and Ryan here with us. Well I bet you already know this but our own Londonderry home grown Ryan Griffin from LHS was drafted by Houston and is probably there right now! While we were all watching the TV and waiting to see what would happen, Lea and Jim were taking calls from their family as the excitement was taking place. They were just so happy and even a little teary because they know how deserving Ryan is of this opportunity. We went from just proof reading an essay Mere wrote about Ryan to a week later being able to share in the fruits of his hard work and humble heart. It was a moment in time, something we would have just read about or listened too normally. We are so lucky that we have a man like Ryan representing all of us and helping to put our great town of Londonderry on the Map!

Congratulations to Ryan!

Another call that happened this week, and I’m not sure I even want to tell you about it but I think I should because if it wasn’t for my few readers this never would have happened. Tuesday I got a call from our own Bob Napolintano, or as John calls him, Nappy. He has another great show on our cable channel called Our Town and it will air sometime this weekend (I just called Erin, she is another hidden treasure that does so much for our cable access center! Bob said he had read my On the Road with Sherry stories and wanted to interview me on his show.

Dear goodness it sounded fun and nerve racking all at once! I said okay and before I knew it Thursday evening at 5:30 Bob and I were sitting in two chairs tilted toward each other with three cameras filming us! When I told my friend Lana about this earlier in the day, she said something like. “Now Sharon, you have to slow down your talking and finish a thought. You get so excited that sometimes you move onto the next thing before the last sentence is done.” Oh no, I knew she was right! I promise you I really tried to slow down, but I do think I talk like I type! Fast! That’s all I will say about that for now, I’ve never been on TV before and I doubt after this debut I ever will again!

I want to end with the sweetest most unexpected thing that happened to me this week while I was on the road at our Rite Aid. (Oh I just remembered I never mailed Lisa Trainor her DD Gift Card from last week!) Let’s make this another contest. What was the first drug store that went in that space many years ago? But with it you have to tell me the name of one of the best pharmacists there has ever been that worked there for years! A two part contest! Back to my first thought, I guess Lana really was right! Back to the Story, I promise.

I want you to know that my family loves shopping at each of our pharmacies in town. My mom’s favorite was Walgreens, my dad’s was CVS and John and I have a special place in our hearts for Rite Aid. For years Mary Ellen, would patiently create our family Christmas cards when I would run in usually on December 21st praying to get them done. Sandy, what can we say, she has brightened all our days at one time or another with her daily fun costumes, you name it she’s reminded us to celebrate it! What a gift she has given us and our town! Rich the manager, always smiling and this great guy, oh I can’t remember his name; he has a great head of black hair though! He even told my daughter, Mackensie what to try for ache, and said his mom had found it for him years before, and it’s the best stuff she has ever used! But here’s what happened when I went to pick up a prescription this week.

I pulled up to the “Pick-up” Drive through window. A lovely girl, named Bridget Barnaby, who is there often with the nicest, welcoming smile, gets my order. Before I paid she said, “Would you like to donate to the Children’s Miracle Network?” Now sometimes this gets tiring, you are in the grocery store line and it’s, “Would you like to donate a $1?” Sometimes I do, sometimes I just don’t. I have mixed feelings about this approach of collecting for a charity.

The way Bridget asked though, not pushy, kind, and even somehow letting me know there was no pressure, perfectly fine to say “No” or “Yes”. I said Okay. I liked to that there wasn’t a set amount. I said a dollar. I felt a little cheap, saying just a dollar, but she smiled as though I had said $10! Then, this is the best part. I still can’t believe it. Bridgette says (I know it should be “said”, but ‘says’ is how I want it to sound!) to me, “Would you like a brownie?” I thought, oh that’s too cute; the foundation must be giving a pre-made and wrapped brownie to everyone that donates. I asked some question like that to Bridgette. She answered with “No, I just decided to make brownies for everyone that donated as a little thank you, would you like one?”

Dear goodness, How Great Is That! Not to sound corny but it really took my breath away! I worry that we are losing all those little warm fuzzies that made things so nice years before, but Bridgette did this! I said I would love one for my daughter Mackensie because she was just finishing up practicing at the SportsZone and I knew she would be thrilled! Bridget passed through the window a precious homemade brownie with a smile! Again, How Great Is That!

That just made my week! The only other thing I wanted to remind you about it is that our Annie’s Hallmark Store seems to have just about everything we could need in that department, but don’t forget they also have beautiful balloons. It used to be so easy to get balloons in Londonderry for special occasions, but not anymore. When I was in buying a birthday card yesterday I saw beautiful big balloons being blown up and thought I should remind you that they are there if you need them. Hey, I started and ended with Phone Calls, just give them a “call” and place your order or stop in, they can do them for you on the spot, too.

With A Grateful Heart

PS. I just found out yesterday that there is a 5 K Walk/Run for Autism starting at our own Moose Hill Kindergarten at 1 pm on Sunday. We will be there, great fun and helping support a good cause too! If you can make it say Hello!

Just a special thank you to our two newest members this week…..
Londonderry Oral Surgery and Spectrum Gymnastics Academy

Please think about joining! Check out the Beautiful Site

On the Road with Sherry

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