The B’s – Beautifully Bittersweet with Sherry

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The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60’s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

It seems this week I have coined the phrase Beautifully Bittersweet.

The older you get the more you really understand the meaning of “Bittersweet.” So many changes that you just have no control over. Things that you are so very excited for yet they make you sad too. For our family it’s all these changes around graduations. Off to college and off to High School. All so exciting, but again Beautifully Bittersweet. I want to tell you about a couple things that might make the changes you might be facing in June easier, too. If it’s not graduations for you it might be Father’s Day, birthdays, or thinking of the 4th of July. I hope the places I’ve visited lately help. We’ll start with the sweet things first.

Our Walmart in Derry. If you need a great food idea for the masses and if you are like me you’ll never believe this one. We had a celebration about a week ago and we needed quick, easy delicious food for a large number of people. The group was a prom group so you know how that kind of group can be. Some will not eat a thing and then others will be ready to jump in and enjoy. John had seen an ad that said Walmart had these great 6 Foot Subs for $28. Yes a 6 FOOT sub!

Now honestly I haven’t been too thrilled with our “new” Walmart. Yes it’s great, beautiful, new, but I guess I have a problem with change in general. I can’t find things, it’s too big, you name it I’ve whined it. I dismissed John and thought in my head what a dumb idea, yes that’s what I thought (in my head). I also thought who would by a sub from Walmart! Well before the event, since John had sparked my curiosity and a part of me wanted to prove him wrong, I stopped in one morning to take a look.

As I’m looking at all the fresh, inexpensive produce and ready cut broccoli for a veggie platter, I see this nice man carefully putting out other food items. I also notice readymade subs for just $6 that look unbelievable good. (remember I was a Home Economics Teacher, so I’m fussy about this stuff) I start thinking maybe I should investigate a little more. I decide to ask this man about the subs, thinking he will tell me something like sure we make them a couple times a week or something like that. Well Boy was I surprised!!

Lois Alvelo, turns around and with great pride begins to tell me about the Walmart Subs. First of all the ones in the cases are made fresh every day. Ok I’m impressed, but still in my mind I said “sure they are”. Then I ask Lois about the ones John wanted to order for the party. Lois, with great care stops what he is doing walks me over to the counter and carefully explains the process to me. I know I always type this, but you will be shocked. Lois explained they need at least 24 and 48 hours is better, notice because they must let the bakery know ahead. THE BREAD IS BAKED FRESH THE MORNING THAT YOUR 2 OR 4 OR 6 FOOT SUB IS MADE!!! Then they carefully make the sub just before you are picking it up to keep it fresh. Lois also took the time to suggest to me to get the lettuce, tom, and onion on the side so guest can make it their own way.

My first order was for a 4ft sub for $24 dollars. I won’t, but I could go on and on about how amazing this sub was. Our guest cut off what they wanted, and raved about how much fun and how delicious it was. I am not exaggerating, everyone was talking about it!

I went back in yesterday and ordered another 6ft one for this week’s graduation party. If you look at the picture of Lois, above is head is the length of the sub. Don’t worry, they cut it in 1 foot pieces and all your veggies are in lovely plastic containers you can serve them in. Hey they even give you a huge amount of Mayo and Mustard. YOU HAVE TO DO NOTHING! I promise you even our fussiest friends, were shocked. John has been telling me for a while I should do more of our grocery shopping there too and he is right. They really have everything you could need. Oh something else neat about Lois is he worked at Disney for almost 30 years before we were lucky and he joined our Walmart. If it wasn’t for him I never would have tried one! Thank You John and Luis.

Oh dear goodness I didn’t mean to go on for two pages about a sub, but you will understand why if you try it! Next I want to tell you about the neatest Veterinarian Service in our area, remember I mentioned it last week. Ark Veterinarian Services. I had never heard of this service before, but a dear friend had to put her dog down unexpectedly and as we were talking about how “bittersweet” even that part of our lives can be, she mentioned that she had heard about a vet in Chester that would actually come to your house to check your pet or in this case if you had to put your pet down it could be done in their home among their comfortable surroundings.

I wondered if I would be able to tract this place down, but even with my basic internet skills I did. It is called Arc Animal Homecare. I called the number 603 860 9855 and Tricia answered. She was great and explained to me what they are all about. Dr. Erika realized that there was a need out there for a mobile vet unit for many reasons. Dr. Erika knew there was a need. She can help older people who want to take care of their pets but it may be difficult to go to an office; she said it also helps people who have more than one pet and what intrigued me about this service is that I wanted a Vet to observe the behavior that we are having trouble with in our dog Shea.

Soon after talking to Tricia, I called back and made an appointment. Within a few days, this amazing mobile Veterinarian service was in my driveway. Look at this picture, it really is pretty neat! Dr. Erika (that’s just what I like to call her) and her assistant came to the door. What I loved was she could observe the trouble Shea has been having in his own home. We stood at my kitchen counter and Dr. Erika really listened to me and watched Shea’s behavior. When it was time to do his physical we walked out to the mobile unit and inside was everything you would see in a traditional office. Exam table, weight scale, x-ray area if needed and of course a treat for Shea’s good behavior. Dr. Erika said she needed to think about Shea’s separation problem and she would get back to me. She did, we talked about it a couple more times and now we are in the process of trying one of the possible solutions.

A few people have mentioned to me that they first learned about Ark Animal Homecare because they saw them on the television show Chronicle! Give them a call, Shea felt so much more comfortable and I loved that I feel as though I can call Dr. Erika’s office anytime, her schedule can include weekends and evenings, and “she” will call you back to discuss your concerns. I really kind of forgot that she had many other patients to worry about because each time we have met or talked she is 100% focused on Shea. I really liked that, and I know you will too!

Now I’ve debated adding this one in but it does fit with Bittersweet, so here goes. Last week our friend Bart treated us to a Birthday celebration dinner. My daughter picked Maza. The beautiful sushi/Japanese’s Grill located near Barnes and Noble. I’ve been there for the sushi before and it is the best I have ever had! Oh I wish I had some of it right now. I also think it is one of the prettiest places in the area. That’s all the sweet stuff, but here’s the little bitter part. Mackensie wanted to go to the Grill area so that we could all share in that fun together. I’ll keep this short, promise. The food and atmosphere exceptional! Here is the only part I didn’t like and it really has more to do with knowing your audience.

Of course we all love the traditional show of watching our food being cooked, the huge pop of flames, and breaking the egg which usually gets tossed into the chef’s hat. Great fun. This was a little different though. We were of varied ages at our table, even a couple on a date was sitting with us. Our Chef just went a little beyond what I wanted to experience in our Birthday Celebration. Here’s the bitter for me. Rice was tossed to our mouths, a stream of liquid from a squirt bottle was aimed at a couple of our mouths until we couldn’t keep going anymore and then a bottle in the shape of a little boy with oil spraying from it to look as though the boy was tinkling. Now I know too many this would be great fun, but again you have to know your audience.

The idea of tinkling oil is icky to me, even the girls didn’t like that, not while waiting for a lovely meal anyway. I could have said no to the water mix being sprayed in my mouth, but it’s that weird human feeling of do you just go along for a second or make everyone uncomfortable by saying no. The worst part was the rice being tossed at the guys who spent time trying to reach down their shirts to retrieve the little pieces. Please remember I said the food was delicious. I know many of you would call me a “funsucker” for even mentioning these things, but remember the title of my On The Road this week was Bittersweet. Of course I would still go back, just something that got me thinking.

With A Grateful Heart Sherry

On the Road with Sherry

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