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The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60’s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

I have wanted to write about this phrase for a few weeks now. Well I can’t say write about it necessarily, I wanted to use it as a title. I almost dropped it again this morning, but I thought what the heck just give it a go and let’s see what happens.

I was talking with a friend a while ago and suddenly she said “Buck Up” about something we were talking about. I’m not sure why but I just got such a kick out of that phrase and it’s an old one.

Say it to yourself, it’s forceful but funny and light hearted too. It makes me smile; I can feel it in the corners of my jaw even when I think it, how strange is that. Maybe I should make a t-shirt that says “Buck Up”, I bet it would sell!

I had to finally “Buck Up” yesterday morning and clean out my refrigerator and freezer. What a horrific job. I can’t believe I have let friends and family go into it for the last couple months. I knew it was bad, but I had no idea how bad until Meredith and I started taking things out of it. The bottom of the freezer was covered in Hank Peterson’s maple syrup, because we like to keep it really cold, popsicles from the 4th were bent and deformed, and of course loose chocolate chips all over. What gets me every time is that when I finally “Buck Up” it doesn’t take forever, maybe an hour and it looks great when it’s done. I also have this weird thing that when it gets that bad, I refuse to buy more groceries to add to the mess. The food area of our house has had “slim pickin’s” lately.

Thank Goodness we have places like our own Papa Gino’s right here in town, and they deliver! Now you know my family does move around when it comes to pizza, but I have a deep love for and history with Papa Gino’s. To make another long story short, back in the early 70’s when they opened their first store in Derry, my mom and I were among the first customers to walk in. That Papa Gino’s is still there and that says something too! Back then a slice of pizza cost .25 cents! For some reason the big thing was to fold your slice lengthwise and then lift it to your mouth to eat. I’m not sure how that got started but that was the right way to eat it, and that’s what we all did.

When we order a Papa Gino’s pizza from our Londonderry store it still tastes the same to me. They have never skimped on the freshest ingredients and have always kept their prices low for the high quality we enjoy. My mom’s favorite was the “Works”, we probably went in once a week and had many delivered too! Some of my best memories took place there. That is where I had my very first date. Things were going great until I swept my hand across the table talking and knocked “his” root beer in both of our laps. (Being on Bob’s cable show I was shocked to watch how much I talked with my hands, maybe it started way back then.)

This week I stopped in to meet Loretta Fadden, their Marketing Specialist. Now this is the best part, one of our new members to Visit Londonderry, Ray from the Dollar Store, said we have to tell Loretta from Papa Gino’s about Visit Londonderry. Visit brings everyone together helping each other and doing great things for our community! E-mails went back and forth and I stopped in!

This melted my heart, when we met Loretta smiled and the first thing she said was “Would you like a cold drink?” Talk about warmth and people skills! I thought to myself, she is exactly what Papa Gino’s is all about. As we talked and I sipped my drink Loretta told me why she loves working for Papa Gino’s and that she started there as a teenager. She told me about many new items that they have like the Fenway. This would have been my dad’s favorite. A sausage, onions, and peppers pizza. What a great name too!

What I have loved about Papa Gino’s for years is that when we go in as a family of course we can have pizza, but I can have soup, or a chicken Caesar salad, even a wrap sandwich or pasta too. I always feel at home there you probably do too. As I was about to leave this personable, friendly man with another “Glad you’re here” smile came over and reached out his hand to say hello. Joel Broady, is the general manager of our store. What a great team we have right here in Londonderry. Oh don’t forget if you need a fundraising idea Loretta can help you with that too!

Thinking about fund raising, we all need to “Buck Up” and support our local ALERT. ALERT is our Londonderry Emergency Response Search and Rescue Team. They are a group that has grown over the last 7 years to 40 active members and they take care of our community at some of our toughest times. When we need search and rescue help, emergency shelters, and traffic control they are there. Remember they are all volunteers. I met the President Rich Semaski at a gathering and he is passionate about ALERT and humble. He said ALERT works and can accomplish so much good for our community because of all the good people involved. He told me about the vice president who is one of the many unsung heroes in ALERT, Colleen Monks.

Through their outreach program, Outdoor Safety, Colleen and her team have taught over 2000 school age children in our town the 6 rules of Basic Outdoor safety. TWO THOUSAND! You may not realize it, but in many of our storms, like the Wind Storm of 2010, it wasn’t the Red Cross that came to our aide it was our own ALERT team!

“Buck Up” does work here too, if all you can do right now is say Thank You, or send them a thank you e-mail do that. That’s huge! If you can make a donation, what are you waiting for, and if you just simply love the Patriots, when you see ALERT out in front of Mr. Steer or other places around town buy a chance to win great tickets to the first home game of the season! Kim and Bob Drinan, also members of ALERT, donate these tickets, now how great is that! They are always looking for new members too!

The last place I want to mention this week, and I know I have before is Little Bye Buys Boutique. Ilona always seems to “Buck Up” and is always trying to think up new ways to help our small business and community too. Instead of just talking about ideas Ilona acts! Did you know she started this great idea in town that if you bring in your receipt from any of our local businesses, she will give you 10% off your purchase price in Little Bye Buys Baby Boutique? Bring your gently used children’s items to Bye Buy Baby, make money, spend so much less on beautiful things, and say Hi to Ilona!

I guess before I end this week’s on the Road, I should let you know that yesterday I did find my way back to the grocery store. I gathered all the things we were out of, and then I saw something I have been noticing for years. A big Chunk of white chocolate! It’s right over there by the bakery in Market Basket. It has been since they opened, in a little basket. This time I decided to tell myself I deserved that chunk of white chocolate! Over $4 dollars for one piece, but I had earned it and really who would know!

Now the tough part, I was starving! As the nice cashier was ringing it up and I watched it go down the belt to be bagged, I asked if I could have it for my purse? She smiled, thought it a bit odd and handed it to me. God Bless her, she even said, do you want me to get you some paper towels!

Now what. I’m in my car, dressed up and All I could think of was that white chocolate and I didn’t want to wait until I got home. I just don’t want to wait. Who will know, it’s mine! I pull back enough of the wrapper for just a taste I think. I ended up gnawing on it all the way home! You could see my teeth marks, but boy did it taste good! I pulled in the garage, wrapped up my little secret and put it back in my purse! No one would know I thought, but a little while later I had to “Buck Up!” when Mackensie found it! I said what the heck, unwrapped it, and started gnawing again! Dear Goodness this is the picture she took!

With A Grateful Heart and Trying to Buck Up on so many things … love Sherry

On the Road with Sherry

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Sherry has lived in Londonderry since the 1960's. Her mother was one of the first employees at Mr. Steer Meats. Sherry taught at the Londonderry High School for a number of years and spearheaded the first Career Education Class at the school. She has two daughters of her own with her husband John.
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