First Development Could be Placed on Pettengill Road

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Representatives contracted by an undisclosed company held a conceptual discussion last week with the Londonderry Planning Board regarding a new development on 30 acres of land in the area of Pettengill Road and Industrial Drive.

The development, measuring in at more than 200,000 square feet, would be nearly twice the size of the new American Tire Distributors warehouse, pointed out Planning Board members. It would be the first building placed in the undeveloped Pettengill Road area.

The building would contain a small office area, but would mainly be a warehouse and distribution center. The employee parking lot would contain about 450 parking spaces and the building would be surrounded by outdoor vehicle storage.

The red outline seen in the image indicates the lot that the building would be developed on. To the right is Pettengill Road, which would extend across to the left upon completion. The cul de sac would be built pointing south, at the intersection with Industrial Drive. The distribution facility would located on the bottom portion of the lot, with the two smaller lots located on the left and right sides of the new roadway. Click for a larger image.

There would be little going on at the building during the day, besides office and administrative activity, explained the representatives. Tractor trailers would bring in parcels between 10 PM and 4 AM; parcels would be sorted and drivers would take the day’s deliveries around 8 AM. Outbound packages would be sorted between 7 and 11 PM and would depart on trucks at about 11 PM.

The representatives explained that the land owner would build a 700 foot public roadway ending in a cul de sac. The distribution facility would be placed on the end of the roadway, and two smaller lots for future development would be available along both sides of the road. Though the building and the roadway would be developed by separate contractors, plans for both would likely be submitted to the town at the same time.

Plans are anticipated to be completed by the end of the summer and, if approved, the representatives hope to break ground before winter. If all goes as planned, the development would be opened in October of 2014.


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