Lighting up the Night at Old Home Day

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When local band, the Souled Out Show Band, takes the stage, dancing is a must! Adults and children alike will be up on their feet, bopping to the music in the middle of town. Then the crowd will fall silent and mouths will open in awe as the Town puts on their once-a-year, give-it-all-you-got, go-for-the-gold fireworks. Visible just over the high school, the illuminated clock tower adds a unique touch to the display.

A great shot of Londonderry’s fireworks and the illuminated clock tower.

This year’s Friday night concert and fireworks is a tradition that’s been part of Londonderry’s Old Home Day for 11 years. With live music that’s sure to get everyone out of their seats, the band has been making people dance since 2001. Playing all over Boston’s North Shore and New Hampshire clubs, the band will play songs ranging from decades to years old. From the swing era to the 70?s discos and straight into the 90?s favorites, the band plays a lot of everything.

Shortly after the band stops playing, pops and sizzles will begin. Londonderry’s fireworks show, the one and only display given by the Town during the year, is sure to light up the sky. Just above the high school roof, the cascade of colors and thunderous explosions will be seen and felt. Children will crawl into their parents’ laps or sit side by side with friends, and their world will stop as they marvel at the lights and sounds.

Be sure to bring the family to the front lawn of the Londonderry High School tomorrow night, August 16, 2013! The concert begins at 7:15 PM and the fireworks right after at 8:45 PM. And arrive early, the best seats go fast!

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Jacklynn has been a resident in Londonderry since the age of 5. She grew up in a quiet neighborhood and went through the great school system. She has fond memories of bike riding through town in the spring and summer, sledding in the winter, and apple and pumpkin picking in the fall. She now has children of her own and looks forward to raising them in the same town she enjoyed so much as a youth.
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