Cleaning Service Lives up to Merry Maids Standards

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Merry Maids of Hudson has been providing a high standard of cleaning services since it began in 1984. The home cleaning experts, Merry Maids was founded on customer satisfaction and a set of cleanliness standards. Since becoming a new owner in January, 2013, Charlie Petricone has striven to uphold the Merry Maid motto, “Relax, it’s done.”

Merry Maids offer a variety of services to clients, which can be customized to a certain extent. Petricone explained that, because the service is so extensive, it’s easier to list what the maids won’t do. “They don’t clean carpets. They don’t clean up after pets. They don’t do dishes, babysit, go in cabinets or closet doors. And they don’t do laundry.”

Two types of cleaning accounts are available to clients – a one-time cleaning and a repeat cleaning – said Petricone. In the one-time cleaning, clients may be getting ready to host a party, or maybe just had one. This cleaning requires a two hour minimum but can be customized to only include certain rooms or tasks. Additional services are also available, including window washing, and cabinet and closet organization.

During a repeat cleaning, there’s no obligation to sign a contract and the maids can come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the client’s needs. Shelley Sanborn, Manager at Merry Maids of Hudson, explained that the first visit to the client’s home is an assessment and discussion of the work to be done. The client will also gain the understanding of what the maids will do during each visit.

Once the assessment is complete, “the first cleaning is more thorough because we’re bringing it to the Merry Maids standard. The cleanings after that just keep it at those standards,” said Sanborn. She added that the maids follow a twenty-two step process, including a “high to low, left to right” pattern when cleaning.

Petricone said that the maids provide a deep cleaning every time. This includes moving furniture when appropriate, changing sheets or making beds, vacuuming under beds, scrubbing toilets, the inside and outside of appliances, cabinet faces, and dusting walls. “The furniture is vacuumed, the cracks of the couch; they take the cushions off, rotate them, and will drape blankets over it neatly if they’re left out. It gets cleaned, not just the outside; everything.”

“People value a good cleaning company, especially if you’re both working out of the house,” added Sanborn. “You know, you’re working, the kids are in day care, you get home at 5 o’clock, the last thing you want to have to do is scrub that tub to give the baby a bath.”

Maids at Merry Maids are extensively trained for two weeks before they are sent into the field. Trainees are quizzed upon returning to the office to ensure comprehension and that is training is effective. Criminal background, sex offender, drug, and driving checks are done on each maid before hiring. Two maids are assigned to each home during a cleaning.

During the cleanings, maids use Merry Maids cleaning products that meet OSHA standards. The chemicals are safe for kids and pets, and include room deodorizers, soap scum, lemon oil, toilet bowl cleaner and more. The maids also use their own Oreck vacuums and steam cleaners. They will use the client’s cleaners upon request.

Currently Merry Maids of Hudson can clean in a number of local towns, including Londonderry, Derry, Hudson, Merrimack, Pelham, Nashua, Litchfield, Hollis, Amherst, Windham, and Salem. They are looking to expand further in the future.

Maids are available for cleanings Monday through Friday, beginning at 8 AM. Merry Maids does their best to accommodate clients that ask for specific cleaning times.

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