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The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60’s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

Well you have been wonderful to read with me the last couple weeks through some nutty mishaps and some sad times too, but I guess the show must go on and it’s time to get Back to Business.

First I have to continue just for a second with the title of “I’m Sorry.” I need to apologize to the Filion family of Wallboard. In my excitement to tell you their story, and my “I knew them when” bragging, I spelled their last name wrong. It is not Filton but Filion! Bob was always patient with me 35 years ago, when I would make his sandwiches at the Village Deli, and he is still patient with me today.

The second “I’m sorry” I need to mention is to a new business in our area, Convenient MD. Our family spends an awful lot of time at the Sportszone in Derry. Matt and Josh are two of the nicest guys and they have made the Sportszone really become an extended family for many of us. They are also members of Visit Londonderry too! Well every time we are there I see this huge banner, here I’ll show you, for Convenient MD. I just love the pictures of caring medical professionals helping people of all ages. Finally, I had to call and find out what it was all about.

When I did I was given the e-mail for the CEO, Max Puyanic. I was very impressed. I e-mailed Max, and immediately he e-mailed me back. We made an appointment to talk at a certain time on the phone, and when I called, Max was not there. Then when I didn’t hear back from him the next day, even a couple days later I decided to send Max a tad bit “snarky” e-mail, for me anyway. To my surprise Max responded quickly again, and we set a time to meet.

Well as life would have it, I thought I was so right and he was so wrong for not calling back. Yesterday I was listening to all the messages on my phone before deleting them, and wouldn’t you know, there was a call back from Max the next day, apologizing for missing the call and asking when we could reschedule. “I’m sorry” I missed his call and really sorry that I was “snarky” in an email and wrong at the sometime!

If you have any medical needs, of course unless it’s something life threatening, I would walk into Convenient MD. I was impressed beyond words. They promise you will be seen within 7 minutes; they don’t use the word that I hate, “Waiting Room”, they call it a “Reception Area”. If you have a cough, need blood work, your child needs a physical for school, you sprain an ankle, need stitches, head to one of the Convient MD’s two locations. Windham is very close to most of us, right at exit 3 and there is a second location that just opened off of exit 14 in Concord.

Just last night a dear friend was telling me how she had blood work done over 3 weeks ago and just got the results recently. I can promise you that won’t happen at Convenient MD. While I was looking around I heard a call being made by a lovely girl named Joslyn just to check on a patient who had been in the day before. How Great Is That! Max said many emergency room visits are not necessary and the price is extremely high compared to what Convenient MD charges for the same services. Dr. Jeffrey Collins, who worked at Mass General and teaches at Harvard Medical school is the medical director, oversees everything, and there is always a doctor on staff.

What I really liked is that Max is another good man. He is sincere, honest, and passionate about taking care of each person that walks through Convenient MD’s doors. Check them out on line too, I was so very impressed and I know you will be too. Thank Goodness finally we have another choice for our health care.

Here’s a picture of Max, Dr. McCall and Rachel Gagnol, a radiology technologist, too. Max, being humble, didn’t even mention this, but I know that they have already done some very nice things to help the community and our children too. How great is that! We are blessed that they choose NH and our area.

Continuing on the theme of health, on Monday of this week a group of us did the Tuff’s 10K for Women in Boston. (Oh I forgot to mention that ConvientMD takes most Health Insurances, too). Here is a picture of our group, “June’s Crew”. You might remember that my best friend in the world, June died at the age of 42 from Malignant Melanoma. We met in Derry, right on Broadway when I was 9 and June was 8. June’s daughter, my Godchild Breana Hurley thought that we should run/walk this 10K in memory of her Mom June Watts Hurley.

Hey what do you think of the shirts Breana and Mackensie made? It was a beautiful day and our team “June’s Crew” had team members as young as 3 months old, Quinn (he even wore a shirt too), up to the age of 53! We had a beautiful day, raised a lot of money for women’s health care and remembered those we have loved and lost. If you have any odd moles or spots, don’t walk. run into Convient MD, and ask them to have a look. Please don’t wait.

I guess the idea of Health continues. I could not wait to tell you all about this one. Have you checked out our own YMCA right here in town recently? Well you should. It’s not just for kids and afterschool care, that’s for sure! We have a lovely young mom in town Regan Sochanek, now she credits me for “knowing” and trying to help so many people and businesses in town, but she is often behind the scenes giving me good ideas of places I need to “Visit”. What a doll she is, and she really cares about our community and letting families know that Londonderry really is the “Best Place to Live, Work and Play”. Regan asked me to come with her to a TRX class at the Y this past Wednesday morning. I thought to myself, since when does our Y get into that level of adult classes?

Regan picked me up, with her friend Kristen O’Donnell, and we drove to the Y at 5:45am! We walked into the workout area and there were these straps and hooks hanging from the wall. I had no idea what I was in for! Part of me wanted to turn around and leave. I’m not flexible or coordinated so I thought this might be another Sherry embarrassment or disaster! The instructor Deanna has been with the Y for about a year now. Deanna is lovely and showed me what to do as the class progressed. She also explained to me that this is all about your entire core; this 45 minute class will work everything. She was right, two days later, I promise you I could feel muscles in places that I didn’t even know existed in my “core”, or that I had a “core”.

What I want you to know is that our Y has changed, they offer everything a single person could need, a working parent, or a stay at home dad or mom could use. The family membership price is much lower than “any” health club I have heard of, and get this, for many of these classes “FREE CHILDCARE!” That’s just about unheard of! Go on line, and check it out. Of course in my opinion the swim lessons, afterschool programs and so many other things are the best you will find.

Driving home as the sun was rising, which you know I love, I found out that Kristen is a cardiac nurse in Boston. Talk about passion for her profession! She told us that it is so very sad that many of the cardiac patients she has are no longer the over 60 crowd, too many of them are in their 30’s and 40’s. We talked about how a lot of this is related to the nutty things people are now putting into their bodies that are affecting their hearts. All these drinks like Red Bull, natural hormones for muscle building, and other things we sure don’t need are turning many “hearts” into “MUSH”. Now isn’t that scary and good to know. It was a gift spending time with both of these lovely, smart mom’s in town that put their families first.

Oh before I forget, did you know that your YMCA is also a proud member of Visit Londonderry, and they have a special family Pumpkin Event happening this Saturday. It will all be taking place at our own Morrison House. You might have seen the flyer on our site too. I know they have partnered with the Derry/Londonderry Chamber of Commerce and Deb Paul of our own Londonderry Times to bring this event to us. On a side note I love what Deb is doing to preserve our Morrison house and history here in Town. My hat goes off to Deb, The Derry/Londonderry Chamber of Commerce and our YMCA.

Now I had intended to put this little story at the top this week, but somehow it ended up here at the end. From sorry to thanks I guess! I have to personally thank Joanne Preneveau, who has worked at our own Market Basket in town for 27 years for rescuing me last Saturday. Here’s the setting, I waited until Saturday at 2pm to shop for the ingredients I needed to make a Rueben Spread for an Oktoberfest that evening.

Of course I run into Market Basket and it was packed! Of course I could not find half of the items “I Had to Have” on my list. Have you ever heard of corn beef in a bag? I found it easily 10 years ago, but now nothing. I started to get that anxious now what do I do feeling that I seem to have way too much, and by the grace of God only I spotted Jo. She was working hard trying to restock items by the Deli to help everyone in the store.

I shuffled up to Jo and asked her about the Corn Beef, she showed me a pack, but my instinct said “it’s not the right one”. Jo goes back to work. I go over to Jo again, she smiled, but she had to be thinking, “Dear Goodness” not you again! Not knowing what else to do I handed her my recipe, I wanted to scream HELP!!! I didn’t have too, Jo saved the day for me. She read what I needed, led me right to something called Carl Budding corn beef in a pouch for $1.29 and probably hoped I would go on my way. Now the next problem I needed those little pumpernickel square breads for people to spread the darn stuff on! They were nowhere to be found of course.

I approach Jo again. Jo tells me it is too early in the holiday season for those. Now what do I do? Jo thinks quickly on her feet, and says “what about Rubschlager Pumpernickel Bread?” What I said? She quickly hunted around the store and doesn’t she find the last loaf, in a place where it should not have been! Here’s a picture of the package, it was perfect, I just had to cut it into squares. I wanted to kiss Jo! Instead I told her I had to tell you about what a difference she made and how lucky Market Basket is to have her. I thought she would she would be tickled or thrilled.

All Jo said, was “that’s great, make sure everyone knows how great Market Basket is, how we are “all” here to help our customers”. How great and caring Market Basket is”. She didn’t want me to mention her at all, just the place she has worked for and loved for 27 years of her life. Now how great is that!

Here’s a picture of the bread and recipe, Jo was to humble to be in it. If you want the recipe, let me know and I’ll include it in the next On The Road. I have a few others you might like too. Thank You again Jo, I couldn’t have done it without you!

I guess I want to end with another “I’m Sorry” this has been bothering me for a couple weeks. I want to say I’m sorry for responding to Ann Champa’s comment about the intersections I mentioned here in town. I was “Snarky” to Ann, and I’m sorry. Ann has done so many things for the good of our town through the years, and I I’m grateful. Thank You, Ann for all you have Done and Do!

Remember that movie, Love Story from years ago, the theme was Love means never having to say you’re sorry. I never ever agreed with that, when I say “I’m sorry” it makes me feel better and it’s freeing too!

With a Grateful Heart and special hello to Kerri Kennedy that I met today unexpectedly for the first time! Kerri is an unsung hero in so many ways behind the scenes. It was truly an honor to meet her today along the road.

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