Cleaning in October with Merry Maids

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It’s that time of year again. The flowers are no longer blooming, the temperatures are getting colder, and your house needs a thorough fall cleaning before the hassle of the coming holidays. Here are some tips from the experts at Merry Maids to assist in your fall cleaning:

1. Go to the mat: Fall may be the prettiest season, but it means leaves and dirt. Keep them outside by using one entry with an astro-turf mat on the outside and a nylon one on the inside and a “Please Wipe Your Feet” sign.

2. Delegate: Giving away responsibility may be tough, but it’s good for you and good for the kids. Teach them that even though they have homework and outside activities now, they still must work their household chores in. If they get overwhelmed, share some shortcuts like these with them. Real life will mean juggling, so these are valuable lessons. Each family member should be responsible for his or her own “mess” such as each person’s wet towels, dirty dishes, bedrooms, bathrooms — plus allow each child to choose one extra household chore for which they are responsible every week.

3. Outside chores: These are best done before the chilly weather sets in. Give your windows a good cleaning using horizontal strokes on the inside, vertical strokes on the outside. This will make it easy to see which side is streaked. Adding a little alcohol to your window cleaner will help it work better in the cold. For outside rugs, mix a gallon of water with a cup of white vinegar and a little dish soap. Scrub, hose off and air dry.

4. Consolidate: Designate one day each week as shopping day, both for groceries and for cleaning essentials. Stock-up on squeegees, scrub brushes, fine-gauge steel wool for taking scum off dry bath and shower walls and diapers, which make great cleaning cloths. This eliminates an extra trip to the store when cleaning time comes.

5. Double duty: If the family is enjoying a football game on television, give everyone a chore that can be done while watching, like: folding laundry, polishing silver or darning socks.

6. Spider webs: May be nice decoration for Halloween, but don’t let them take over. Keep a portable vacuum handy for ridding rooms and ceiling corners of webs.

7. Crumbs: Pile up with breakfast-on-the-run, sack lunches and after-school snacks. Here comes that handy vacuum again. There are several good ones on the market that are great for quick pick-up of crumbs, pet hair and tracked-in leaves.

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8. Make life easier: Keep a small hair dryer handy to blow dust off silk or dried flower arrangements.

9. School clutter: Get several desk-type trays from a discount office supply store to use in the kitchen for school fliers, homework and artwork. Label each to keep things neat and to avoid last minute pandemonium in the morning looking for “lost” school papers. Artwork can be displayed on the fridge and rotated every week. To avoid having to save every piece, have a contest where the family judges the “best of” and trash the rest.

10. And speaking of art: If your children use your walls for a canvass, use concentrated dish washing soap to remove crayon marks.

11. While you’re there: Steam loosens dirt, so if you’re already in the shower, keep a scrub cleaner handy to quickly clean up the stall when you’re finished.

12. Make checklists: Heavy cleaning tasks, like rotating and vacuuming cushions, flipping mattresses, etc. can be noted on a wall calendar to remind you. When completed, check it off — you’ll feel as though you are really accomplishing something.

Founded in 1979, Merry Maids supplies customized residential cleaning services through more than 800 franchises and company-owned locations in the United States and 1,150 franchises worldwide. Merry Maids is a subsidiary of The ServiceMaster Company, whicore than 12 million customers in the United States and in 40 countries around the world and includes nine market-leading companies that provide a wide range of related home services. The other companies are TruGreen, TruGreen Landcare, Terminix, American Home Shield, ServiceMaster Clean, AmeriSpec and Furniture Medic.

For more information on residential cleaning, call 1-800 Merry-Maids or visit their website.

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