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The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60’s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

Here it is Friday morning, and I’m not starting to write to you until 6:52. I usually love to tell you it’s so early in the morning and I’m writing to you, but not this morning. I slept in a little thanks to Shea and you’ll read why, down the road.

The title this week comes from a word that I have loved for a while now, I love the way it sounds when I say, “Conundrum.” Honestly I had no idea what the meaning was until I decided that I wanted to see if it would fit into my story to you this week, and dear goodness it did. You’re probably thinking how can you have a favorite word and not know it’s meaning. Well here is a picture.

This wine was a gift from a friend years ago, and I loved the name, I beyond the stars loved the wine, and I love that it fits perfectly with how this week for me and maybe you too went.

Conundrum’s definition revolves around a couple things, many sources say it is a difficult problem, I had a few of those this week. Other sources say it’s like a riddle or a Brainteaser, something you have to figure out, even something like a secret.

Day by Day Conundrums:

Monday: What a beautiful morning, I had appointments for both Visit and Welcome Wagon. I was feeling good, energetic, that “nothing can go wrong feeling” we all tend to get maybe for a couple seconds here and there. I’m always more of the “Chicken Little, The Sky is Falling” type, but not Monday morning. The world was waiting for me, and boy did it get me.

I showered, put on one of the ugliest, fluffy, pink bathrobes in the world that I love, quickly wrapped hair in a turban and then realized Shea needed to go out. I have stepped out on our deck in many dreadful outfits, but this was a show stopper. Shea went down the steps as he always does, “did his business” and then I knew he would come back, like he always done. I was safe, no one could see me. First Conundrum of the week: Shea sees orange reflectors running down Colonial Drive, he looks at me, then the runner, me, runner. I’m begging him to pick me, but of course not. The urge was too great for this herding Corkie, he bolted! Across Bob’s front yard, barking, howling, and chasing this poor runner. Conundrum. Now what do I do? Here’s a picture of how I looked, a “reenactment” I knew I had to chase after him, poor Bob, he not only had to listen to Shea’s shrilling bark, but I knew the entire neighborhood could hear me yelling, “Shea, come! Shea, come!” I pray Bob didn’t look out his window!

Shea was running fast, but this once relaxed morning jogger bolted off into a full sprint, quickly his glowing orange jacket faded out of sight. Shea stopped short at the end of Bob’s lawn, and God Bless him, it appeared he looked both ways and I could tell he had a Conundrum of his own. Now what should he do? The friend he was hoping to meet was scared to death of him.

Bathrobe dragging, barefoot, and hair bouncing in towel, here I come! Shea makes one of those, “Maybe if I run back to her she’ll forget the whole thing” moves, I grabbed him, and then we sort of dragged each other down the road and back through Bob’s yard. We were both exhausted when we got back. All I could yell when we got inside was, “Shea, bad boy, no treat.” He could have cared less; he’d had a great adventure, with little consequence to boot.

Tuesday: I think God gave me a break, my day started normal, I took Shea out on a lease so no chance of another morning like Monday. All Good. I even had an appointment at one of my favorite places in town, Giovanni’s Pizza and Roast Beef. I think Teddy knows how much I love walking through his kitchen. It’s a Home Economics teacher’s dream! Nothing but the freshest ingredients, spotless surroundings, and everything is homemade. If you haven’t been in recently, what are you waiting for? There are two things I will tell you are the “best in the world” this week, of course in my opinion, and Giovanni’s Roast Beef sandwich is one of them.

I stopped to watch the fresh slow cooked Roast Beef being sliced ever so thin for each sandwich that was made. I don’t even need to tell you how delicious the homemade pizza dough and sauce is. Teddy is another one of our local unsung heroes. He has hired more of our LHS kids, many of them have been with him for years, and he helps our community whenever he can. Tuesday, in a nutshell, not one conundrum.

Wednesday: Well of course, Wednesday may have topped Monday. How do I tell you this without typing pages about it? Here’s the short version, I hope you can picture it. John is in CT, I decide Visit and Welcome Wagon are going to have to wait. The house is a mess and Erica and Ianka from B & S cleaning come to help! I work side by side with them. I’m determined to organize my world, maybe impress John a little even! By 2:00 pm, what a difference and remember their price is ridiculously low. I needed a fresh start. I picked up Mackensie at school and she asked if we could go to her friend Vanessa’s LHS field hockey playoff game in Windham. Sure I say, you know I love spur of the moment. We head to Windham.

Conundrum time. Halfway to Windham, John calls. “Honey, I’ll be at the rent a car place in a few minutes, remember you were going to pick me up?” Oh Poop, funny how old On the Road With Sherry themes come back! Now what do I do? John hears my Oh Poop pregnant pause, and because he’s good at shifting gears, he said, “Just go to the game. I’ll head home we’ll do it later.” Mack and I keep driving. We get to Windham, and are so enjoying watching Vanessa play and what a great player she is! Cell phone rings! Now it’s John again, not so understanding this time. “Honey, you locked me out! Where’s our spare key?” Remember he was in a rental car so he left his keys at home. The “hidden” key is always in the same spot but for some reason in my cleaning, I used it but I “didn’t put it back.” I tried to whisper something intelligent to him; John says he’ll wait, and I hang up.

You know how those sports games are, everyone standing lined up at the fence. I walk up the little hill back to my place, and suddenly I hear the whispers, “She locked him out of the house.” It was like that game you played as kids, it was getting passed down the line, and who could blame them. The conundrum here was stay for the last 15 minutes of Vanessa’s game or go home. I knew there was only one right answer, leave, but John sent a text saying stay at the game and I’ll make calls from the driveway in the car. Once we got home I knew how Shea felt on Monday, tail between legs, head down, a welcome home kiss or not?

Luckily we had to rush in and out of the house, because we wanted to attend the senior affairs class on being prepared for emergencies at the library. You should have gone it was excellent! They taught us about Go packs we should all have in our homes and what you really need to have on hand. You can still catch it on our local access channel, probably sometime this weekend.

After the class John and I finally returned the rental car to the airport and John thought we should head to the Coach Stop. Somehow the Coach Stop has a way of making you feel warm, relaxed and cared for too. Jenn Beaudin, who has been working there for almost 7 years, took care of us. Here’s the second “Best in the world” for me! Jenn’s Cosmo! 30 minutes at the Coach Stop was a nice way to end the day and put the Conundrums behind us.

Thursday: Back to telling everyone about the two best ways to spread the word about all the great things going on in our area. I had appointments for both Visit and Welcome Wagon.

My day started with a business I didn’t know about, Accommodating Travel right in Derry. Theresa Labo has been a Travel Agent in our area for 17 years! How great is that! She has a lovely, private office on the side of her home at 101 Fordway Ext. in Derry. She has an excellent referral business which always speaks a hundred words, her customers keep coming back! Theresa wants new people moving into our area to know that she is here and ready to help them plan their vacations. She said a slogan she loves is, “The internet is for looking, call us for booking!” She can beat just about any price you will find on the internet, and she will be by your side to help with any mishaps that can happen as your travel plans unfold.

She told me we need to be so careful when looking and booking things on line. She had one women call her and saying she was about to book a trip to a resort called “Ocean Breeze” for of course a great price. Theresa asked if she had picked it thinking it was on the ocean? Of course she had. In reality the “resort” was a few blocks away for the ocean, not ocean front at all. The name sure made you think it was, didn’t it? Here’s a picture of Thersea and her car that you might see around town.

I loved seeing her car up close, because this is what another member of Visit Londonderry can do for you too, Car Wrapping, I think it’s called. So neat. Gary Gagliardi’s new business SpeedPro can help you promote your business this way. Here’s his email

Leaving Accommodating Travel, I had a “Conundrum” weighing heavy on my mind. Something legal that I believed was completely handled, closed, that turned out to not be. No big story here I promise, but it had to do with something of my mom’s.

As I was driving back down Fordway Ext, something told me to just stop in “spur of the moment” and check with Milano Legal as I drove past. How many law firms do you feel comfortable just stopping in on? Lisa Drabik was there, I apologized for not having an appointment and Lisa listened to my Conundrum, and said we would figure this out and she did, right on the spot. Of course this is normally not the best way to do things, but knowing they care, and are not just about fees I felt comfortable stopping in. They really want to make a difference and help when tough legal situations fall upon us. Thank You, Lisa you made a huge difference in my day. Jenny and Lisa are humble intelligent legal experts, how great is that! My mom would have liked them. Oh Milano legal will soon have a new location on Union street in Manchester.

Final stop of the week, back to the place that John and I had our rehearsal dinner 20 years ago, the place we had been just the night before, the Coach Stop. Bill and I had an appointment to meet later in the day. Bill is now the General Manager, they are very lucky to have him. I can always tell this has never been just a job to Bill, it is part of him. Every step he takes at the Coach Stop is filled with pride, that’s why many of us keep coming back, over and over again! Oh and before Bill and I could meet I saw Jenn working again. It really does feel like family, we are so lucky they are here in Londonderry. My hat goes off to the unsung hero in the background, Steve the owner too!

My Conundrum right now is whether you will think this story is way too long. Should I go back and chop here and there, but you know I can’t. I’m just so grateful for anyone that makes it to the end of my On The Road with Sherry Stories.

With a Grateful Heart and many Conundrums to come… Sherry<3

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