“I’m Sorry” with Sherry

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The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60?s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

Well this picture is what John and I walked into last night at about 7 O’clock. We left pretty upset with, as she is known in our house, Lady M. I was yelling, John yelled, and the problem was Lady M yelled back too! Remember I always say “Think it in Your Head.” Oh dear, that would have worked much better here. We let Lady M “have it” and she let us have it too.

You must be wondering what it was about. Get this: jogging and basketball. Now it seems so ridiculous, but boy at the time, I was right, John was right and Lady M thought she was right too! Now looking back, what a stupid thing to argue about! Isn’t it funny with arguing, no matter who you are arguing with, almost always when you step back to think about what caused it, you can barely remember and when you do, if you are like me you go, “Ugh, I really pushed some buttons there, was it really worth it? Was I really right? Or was She really that wrong?”

Bottom line in our house, Lady M should not have yelled back, right or wrong. She knew that too. John and I headed out to “pump iron” and grumble about the disrespect together. When we came back an hour later, more relaxed and still with a pack that we wouldn’t let this pass completely, she had us beat. This picture is what we walked into on our counter, with two cups of coffee to boot. She was bigger than both of us, Lady M found a way to make us all smile and put whatever we were upset over behind us. By now you know me pretty well, enough to know that I’m a big believer in a little sugar can make things a lot better.

Here it is 5:22am, Friday morning; the stars are gracing the sky like never before. Now for the other things I’m sorry for this week.

First, I’m sorry that at this hour I’m already having my second sugar cookie from the picture, the T, and a cup of pumpkin coffee as I type to you.

Second, I’m so sorry that I never followed through on asking the town to consider the danger that I have always felt at the intersection of Grenier Field Road and Old Mammoth Road (old Londonderry, after our senior center) as I drive the girls to school each day. Yesterday as we were coming home, just before our battle in the car started, we saw a horrible accident right at that intersection that I dread each day.

I pray everything turned out okay, but I felt so bad for the driver of the car and the large truck that was on its side. It was so scary and it happened in an instant. I have said to the girls so many mornings I have to make a petition, contact the town, do something about that intersection, but like so many things in life I talked about it but never did anything. I’m so sorry I didn’t now.

The problem is that traffic goes flying past a car waiting at the stop sign, for the right time to go across. Yes, you can see in both directions but seldom is anyone going the speed limit past you. If either driver gets distracted for a second or just misjudges speed, you have can have a major accident. A few years back, I was driving a group of girls to Manchester and I started to laugh, and started to cross the intersection. Suddenly, a truck going about 50 miles an hour just missed us. I’ll never forget that, and neither will the girls. We need to reevaluate this section of town. My prayers are with everyone involved yesterday. I blame the intersection, but that’s just me.

The second most dangerous place in town I’ve been talking about, but doing nothing about for years too, is the intersection at Pillsbury (stop sign) and I think it is Hovey Road. Just down from Sterling Pool, another member of Visit Londonderry. One driver is coming down Pillsbury with no stop sign, the other driver is supposed to stop and judge how fast the car is coming and what they will do, often without a blinker. Both Accidents waiting to Happen, in my opinion. What do you think?

Next thing I’m sorry about, sort of, is that I didn’t listen to Cindy at Shady Hills back in the Spring. Ron and Kathy’s, Shady Hills has to be another one of our prettiest sights in town. I think we just about judge the seasons by Shady Hills in our house. Last Spring, late in the season, I decided to listen to Bart and plant seeds around our mailbox. I’ve been talking about it for years, but John and I really don’t have green thumbs. Bart told us how to do it again; sometimes Bart must feel like he is dealing with third graders with us.

John would be the “digger” my job was to buy the seeds I wanted. I found some very pretty little packages at Shady Hill, but even though Cindy said you’ll need only one pack, I had to buy two! A greater chance for success I thought! I also liked that one pack I found had blue flowers that would open during the day, and the second packet had white flowers that would open in the evening. How neat is that! Bart kept telling us that when “it started to take off” there would be no stopping it!

For the first few weeks John and I kept watching and waiting, and nothing happened. We thought we had another Farrell Flop with gardening. Well, Holly Moly! Just as Bart said, it took off alright, but take a look at the picture, our mailbox now looks like Cousin It! John and I are pretty proud of “it” though.

Now our lovely mail lady is having a hard time getting into our mailbox but I hate to cut it back. More is not always better I guess. I think we all just love Shady Hills, I remember when they started with just a little of this and that, and I think one truck. They make us all look good in Londonderry and they are proof of what hard work, determination, and caring people can “grow” right here in our town. I’m grateful to that they keep the price of their mums down, John and I bought 5 yesterday.

After we left Shady Hills though, our tradition is that then we head to Sunnycrest Farm to buy our corn husks, cinnamon bread and pumpkins. John can be such a neat nick, compared to me. I secretly love the mess of all the dried corn stuff in an around the back of the car. It drives John nuts, because and he’s right, he’s the one that has to clean it out. This year John thought he would beat that problem. He brought rope with us and a pair of scissors. I should have known this was not a good sign. I’m “sorry” I didn’t stop him.

John had this brainstorm that he would tie all the bundles of corn husk to the roof of the car; Illuminate the mess inside. It must have been a sight, him on one side of the car throwing the ball of rope up and over to me on the other side. My door open and me dangling on the side of the car trying not to hold on, so that I could catch the stupid robe. Remember we only live maybe 2 miles away! Finally after 15min of preparation the husks are “I think” securely tied to the roof. Time to drive away! Well that didn’t go so well, very quickly the corn husks began sliding off and around the roof! John had to open his window and try to drive and hold the husks at the same time. Other drivers were going by pointing to us to let us know what was happening as though we hadn’t noticed!

Dear Goodness what a mess, if you see corn husk on the road now you’ll know why. Here’s a picture of that too. Oh and if you look hard you can see John. By the grace of God we made it home with some of the husks too! Do you remember years ago Sunnycrest had the Christmas tree farm? Some of our best family memories happened there picking out our tree. One year the same exact thing happen with our Christmas tree, history does repeat itself. We somehow made it home then too.

A couple last things that I’m “sorry” about this week. Remember last week I asked for ideas on how to help all of us with the price of grooming our pets? Someone wonderful named Heather wrote in and told me something I didn’t know and remember I’ve lived here since the 60’s! Heather said that Alvirne High School has a Vet and Animal training program, and at various times, they offer low price grooming. She also told me that this weekend they are offering a vaccination clinic for your pets. Shea only needs his distemper shot and for $15 dollars instead of $80 plus, I can go there. Sorry that you might miss this clinic, but I’ll ask Jackie our Office Manager, to post the information for you too. Hey I can ask her to do that even today before my story even post! Thank You Heather, I’m so grateful that you responded.

Now this “Sorry” maybe I shouldn’t even end with, but I just can’t let this one go. And I’m “sorry” if you don’t agree. Yesterday morning John did his usual walk down to get the newspaper with Shea. Shea loves to grab the Union Leader paper and run back to the house with it. Shea does not know one other trick, but for some reason he came up with this one on his own! Anyway, John opens the paper as he has for maybe 14 years now, and lays it on the counter. Lady M is having her breakfast.

I can’t even type what the title in Big Print was on the front page of Thursdays’ Union Leader. I bet you saw it, or if you didn’t, take a peak. I was so disappointed in the them, I think an average newspaper is written at a grade school level to keep it quick and easy to read for all of us. How many kids saw that Front Page too? I think it’s so sad if our nice NH newspaper now feels that they have to resort to shock titles to get attention and maybe sell more papers too. Just sad. The same title could have been printed without the big O word across the top. I don’t think it did anything for the reputation of our own UNH either. The price of every college, yes even state schools, is ridiculous, but is it really a good use of your hard earned money or your child’s, to have a program on “O”s. Really?

I felt so sad for Miley Cyrus with the I think it was Teddy Bear strange dance she felt she had to do for attention, and goodness only knows why she felt the need to ruin a great song with the vision I now have of her swinging butt naked on a big construction ball, but it seems like the Union Leader followed suit.

I guess I just think “Why” for both of these, but that’s just me. Sure put the information out there, but maybe leave the shock word for the “turn to page”. Lots of kids glance at the newspaper on the counter in many homes, we hope they will be curious and read it, just not a necessary word to see or discuss at breakfast, there must have something more interesting going on in our state that was worthy of the front page. I’m just saying.

Sorry to end on what you might say was a “Snarky” note for me, so I will leave you with one really nice thing that I didn’t even realize has been taking place for years in our town. Did you know that L-Town Garage (505-4495), which will be moving soon to across from the Yard Restaurant, donates every penny of each car inspection that they do to our Londonderry High School Band?

Now that is beyond great in my book! I’m so sorry that I didn’t know this or tell you before. Next inspection you know where you should be going now! Jackie and Jessica will set up the appointment for you, give them a call. I still can’t believe they give all that money away to help our kids! I’ve heard it’s now over $20,000 that they have donated! You know what I love though, they are a humble family owned business who never toot their own horn. I almost typed “corn” oh my!

One last thing I’m “sorry” for too, as I’m on the Road each week I meet so many great people I can’t wait to tell you about. This week I wanted to tell you about Dan and Derek at Sam’s Club,

Stacie from our Chamber of Commerce, Kevin who I finally met that kept popping up on my Facebook page, and about the beautiful inside of Londonderry’s own bed and breakfast, Tiffany Gardens. Not to mention one of my favorite memories of one of our first businesses in town Wall Board and one of our Newest business in town, Father and Son Automotive.

With a Grateful Heart and one last cookie, the “O” Sherry

Ps. Still no winner of the Chocolate Chip Banana Bread question…remember “How did Welcome Wagon First Begin?”

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Sherry has lived in Londonderry since the 1960's. Her mother was one of the first employees at Mr. Steer Meats. Sherry taught at the Londonderry High School for a number of years and spearheaded the first Career Education Class at the school. She has two daughters of her own with her husband John.
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