Open House with the Londonderry Fire Department

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The Londonderry Fire Department will host their annual Open House this weekend for children of all ages. This year’s theme will be “Preventing Kitchen Fires.” Children will receive the opportunity to explore the fire trucks, discover the equipment, and play with the radios inside the trucks. They will learn about fire safety, see firefighters dressed in full uniform, and may even get to play with the fire hoses!

Join Londonderry Firefighters this Saturday, October 19, 2013, from 1 PM until 4 PM. The learning and fun will be held at Londonderry’s Central Station at 280 Mammoth Road.

A look back to the Londonderry Fire Department’s Open House, 2010:

One of this year’s demonstrations involved a controlled chimney fire. During the demonstration, firefighters, dressed in full gear, lit a fire inside a chimney stack. The stack was lined with creosote, the potentially dangerous tar-like substance formed naturally from burning wood. Spectators were able to watch as the creosote lit fire and thick smoke and flames exited the top of the chimney stack. The demonstration was to show the dangers of an improperly cleaned chimney.

We all forget that 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, these brave individuals serve us, never knowing what challenges that they will face or what tragedy they will find.

Don’t miss this year’s Open House. What a great way to teach your children, and even yourselves, some interesting and often forgotten fire safety information! For more great shots from the 2010 Open House, visit our Darkroom!

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