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Lost in Agricultural Paradise!

This weekend every field and orchard in Londonderry, New Hampshire is open for U-Pick pumpkin and apples even raspberries! Since the schools in New England have Monday off tourists and “tourists in their own hometown” will be out for family fun in New Hampshire today. The cool night air is warming, you can see the apples “sweat” from the cold night air if you look close.

The entrance to our “Agrativity Park” here in Londonderry just opened at 10am; the grass lots near farm stands and fields are filling up with cars that have license plates from New Hampshire, states hundreds of miles away and even some from beyond New England. Londonderry is a fun family destination perfect for enjoying your day off.

Did you know that this is the most coveted weekend to have your bake sale at Macks Apples? The non-profits all would like to be at the farmstand on Columbus Day weekend, the visitors are all so nice and eager to help out the group lucky enough to end up “on station.”

Four Farm stands and Eight U-Pick Areas

Time to get out in the fields and farms of Londonderry! Directions to Londonderry Farms follow produce and activities listing. (seven U-Pick’s open today for apples, Eleven Pumpkin locations)

Londonderry Produce Londonderry Activities
  • Apples (over 30 varieties throughout the season!)
  • Ice Cream Stands
  • Peaches
  • Petting Zoos
  • Blueberries
  • Hiking Trails -Orchard,
    Backwoods, Musquash
  • Raspberries (Fall crop just in!)
  • Giant Corn Maze
  • Corn
  • Photo Opportunity’s
  • Apricots
  • Tax Free Shopping
  • Plums
  • Musical Venues
  • Blackberries
  • Art in Action
  • Jams and Jelly’s
  • Canoe and Kayak pond
  • Honey
  • Picnic Areas
  • Fresh Eggs
  • Small roadside stands
  • Tomatoes
  • Gift Shops
  • Cucumbers
  • Stonyfield Farm (yogurt samples)
  • Lettuce
  • Manchester Boston Regional Airport
  • Beans
  • Airport Museum
  • Broccoli
  • Restaurants (Local and Chain)
  • Squash
  • U-Pick Grapes
  • Fresh Cider
  • Driving Range, Mini Golf
  • Maple Syrup
  • Garage Sales
  • Flowers
  • Hay Rides
  • Baked Goods
  • Londonderry Country Club

Like more details on any of these activities, Visit Londonderry is a great place to learn more!

For an aerial view of all the farms, a short description and directions read the rest of the story! And have a great Columbus Day Weekend!

Mack’s Apples, Moose Hill Orchards
The largest farm in town, located near the town center, where you will find a full service farm stand and multiple U-Pick locations across nearly a thousand acres of land. Much of the land is preserved through preservation easements with hiking trails and ponds doting the fields. The farm stand has local crafts and gifts, and almost every weekend a not-for-profit will have a bake sale at the front of the stand.

Mack’s Apples Londonderry, New Hampshire aerial photo by LondonderryNH.net

Directions to Mack’s Apples in Londonderry, New Hampshire

Sunnycrest Farms
Located on High Range Road, this farm was once a traveled through by Native Americans migrating to the fertile fishing grounds of the Cohas and Merrimack River. This farm specializes in a large selection of U-Pick from fruit to flowers. The U-Pick apples are in front of the farm stand, just across the street (do not worry we all slow down and stop when you cross in Londonderry!). The rows go forever and so do the apples!

Sunnycrest Farms Londonderry, New Hampshire aerial photo by LondonderryNH.net

Directions to Sunnycrest Farms in Londonderry, New Hampshire

Elwood Orchards
On Elwood Road, Ellwood Orchards which is still managed by Mr. Elwood (now in his 90’s), you may see him out in the field sighting some varmint after his prize corn. This farm has plenty of fruits and vegetables picked and ready for you. It also has the largest corn maze in the region. We have included a aerial photo of the first year maze, we will not spoil the puzzle as it is bigger and different this year. The maze takes up the green field to the left and the brown field to the north of the 2005 maze. Did you know? The Ellwood Farm is home to Londonderry Lithia Spring Water.

Be sure to read Londonderry “Corn Maze Now Open at Night” for a on-demand video of how fun the Elwood corn maze can be!

Ellwood Orchards Londonderry, New Hampshire aerial photo by LondonderryNH.net

Directions to Elwood Orchards in Londonderry, New Hampshire

Merrill Farms
Located in North Londonderry up the old stage coach road Merrill provides fresh eggs to stands in town, but if you want to get them the day they are laid this is the stand to go to. Open weekends (and an honor system during the week), you can be sure to find plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables plus fresh baked pies!

Merril Farms Londonderry, New Hampshire aerial photo by LondonderryNH.net

Directions to Merrill Farms in Londonderry, New Hampshire

Thank you for considering Londonderry as a place to enjoy with your family this weekend!


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Jacklynn has been a resident in Londonderry since the age of 5. She grew up in a quiet neighborhood and went through the great school system. She has fond memories of bike riding through town in the spring and summer, sledding in the winter, and apple and pumpkin picking in the fall. She now has children of her own and looks forward to raising them in the same town she enjoyed so much as a youth.
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