Foodies, Farrell and Fun with Sherry

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The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60’s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

This week I think I will tell you about my road, but in reverse. So let’s start with Halloween. I love that here in Londonderry we still celebrate it on October 31st, Halloween Night. I know Sundays, or weekends, might be more convenient, but in my book little Ghost and precious Princesses, Supermans and all the others are meant to come alive on the official day. I won’t go on and on about Trick or Treating, but just a couple of the cutest things.

We “Visited” a neighborhood party, just before Trick or Treating got started. I so wish I had a picture, but a tiny Wonder Woman, Fierce Lion with a long tail, and “Ryan” found a large puddle on the corner of the house. We watched as the lion dove right in; he had the most fun walking through the puddle, stomping, spinning and somehow he never fell. We watched as the other little ones did their best to resist the urge to join him, especially Wonder Woman, but after a few minutes, they jumped in too! Took my breath away! My hat goes off to the moms who let them really enjoy their night, their way. I bet that about an hour later they had a warm bath, and were all fast asleep.

If I could give an award to the cutest way to give out candy it would go to a family on Mayflower that I heard actually had a real, I’m guessing old fashioned, candy vending machine. Mack said that everyone got to pick their candy, push a button and their candy would drop down for them. Now how great is that! Another picture I wish I had. John would say I’m “slacking” that’s one of his favorite words. I like the sound of it, and he always says it with a smile.

Speaking of John Farrell, my friend Bart said I should write to you and let you know what it has felt like being married to JOHN FARRELL this week. Well it’s been kind of fun. When John calls places for different things, just this week really, but he has been getting a pregnant pause of, “Could it be?” John loves baseball, and you might not know this but his silent dream is to someday visit all the major league baseball fields in America. John can tour the fields, but I’ll be trying all the food from each area, and learning how it’s made. It might just work!

Now, even though my “someday” dream would be to learn about different styles and cultures of cooking, for me I got a head start just 6 miles from our house. Our friends Dean and Barbara have been telling us about one of their favorite places Amphora located in the Shaw’s Plaza in Derry. Finally this week we went, Oh My, What I have been missing! No maybe what you have been missing too! I don’t even know where to begin and that’s unusual for me! Everything is prepared fresh by the owner, Chef Peter Tsoupelis. The atmosphere, music, service, and wine if you like, make you feel as though you are in Greece. I could go on and on, but you should try it or give someone you want to thank a Gift Certificate for a night out here.

At our table we tried everything from the Dolmades, Lamb Souvlaki (shish kabob) served over the best rice pilaf I have ever had. Chicken, Fish, and a Lamb shank that again I should have taken a picture of. Here are a couple pictures I did take. Go in when you can and say Hi to Peter, and maybe Thank him for all the good he and his family do to help our community, too.

So many people we all know were involved in the Relay for life. Bonnie Roberts, the owner of such a needed business in our area Home Helpers, organizes the entire event, EACH YEAR. She is also a member of Visit Londonderry, and we are grateful!
Bonnie told us that Peter donates and prepares himself a lovely complete dinner for everyone that participated. That was over 250 people this year alone! Recently our Derry/Londonderry Chamber of Commerce recognized Amphora as its Business of The Year. That is quite an honor. I didn’t even get to mention the salad and Avgolemono Soup. They are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. 603.557.0111

Now if you’re like me, cooking at home gets boring quickly, same old, same old. I stopped into our Londonderry Shaw’s this week and was ho humming at the seafood counter. I have to personally thank Jimmy for making my typical boring Salmon dinner something to marvel at. I wasn’t snarky, but I was more “Yah, Yah, Yah.” Jimmy gave me some great tips about the salmon, and then offered to cut the salmon I was buying into 3 individual portions. I’ve never thought to ask anyone to do this for me, but Jimmy offered! Here is the picture, they look beautiful you have to admit. Jimmy explained the best way to cook them, which was so easy and delicious. It is just so very nice when someone takes the time to go above and beyond.

Two last things this week, but I have to share them with you. One has to do with apples, Just apples. I stopped over to “Visit” with Sue the owner of Clark’s Auto Repair in Hudson, right on Route 102. I’ve heard so many nice things about them, so I decided to stop in. Wow, when I opened the door I saw this lovely, warm waiting area, the friendliest person Donna Dionne, there to help everyone and outside the door a big bin of apples. I wondered what the apples were there for, but as unusual as it might sound for me, I didn’t ask.

As I was leaving though Donna said to me, take a bag and bring some apples home with you. I turned and looked baffled. She said “They’re for everyone to enjoy; help yourself, bring some home.” Wow, can that change a day, it was rainy and dull out, but I picked the nicest crisp apple and enjoyed it as I made other Visits around town. How nice is that. No wonder I’ve been hearing so many great things about Clark’s in Hudson. They also have cars for sale there too. They made my gloomy day a little brighter too.

Now, for my last but not least thing I need to share with you this week. Please don’t forget that this coming next weekend is Veteran’s Day Weekend. This week I had the chance to “Visit” our own Currier Art Museum located right in Manchester on Ash St. If you can do one thing for yourself, your family and our troops this week go to the Currier; they have an entire display on the Vietnam War Photography. It will remind you, as it did me, what Veteran’s Day is all about. Next week in my On The Road I will be sharing more about what I learned, and the Veterans I met there.

Also please remember that “TEA FOR THE TROOPS is happening Saturday, November 9th, from 11:00 – 3:00pm at the Londonderry Lions Hall. Kerry Kennedy and other Volunteers will be there to serve you tea and refreshments. There will be great Raffle Items, a Tea Boutique, and even Tea Leaf Reading. All proceeds benefit the Home Base Program for “OUR” Vet’s. For more information contact Kerri Kennedy at 603 913 5550. We will be spreading the word more through but they need your help. Stop by and make a donation and have some fun too. Isn’t it the least we can all do. I’m getting to sit here and type to you and your getting to sit there and read my stories, because of men and women who are serving our country, right now, living in tough conditions, fearing for their life’s and in many cases suffering horrible injuries so that we can all be free.

With A Grateful Heart, Sherry<3

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