Early Learning Center Relocates to Londonderry

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Local resident Darlene Cordaro has been in childcare since 1999, providing quality care to children ages six weeks to fourteen years, first in her Derry home and more recently in her new location on Kendall Pond Road in Londonderry. Cordaro opened Ms. Darlene’s Early Learning Center and Childcare in July of 2013 after years of homeschooling her daughters and looking after local children.

Cordaro said that the move from her in-home center to a larger space was much needed. “We had all these families but because I could only do seventeen, we couldn’t take care of the families. So we wanted a bigger place because we have a lot of families with three or four children and they like to do one stop. It makes it easier and then the kids are together,” she said. She added that, since the move, she now has 25 students enrolled and can take more.

Curriculum at Ms. Darlene’s is different than traditional schools. Younger children are taught based on curriculum like Early Start while the Kindergarteners are given a Christian curriculum. Having taught her daughters this way, she has found it very successful over the years. Cordaro also said that, unlike other childcare centers, she doesn’t break the children up by age, but rather by ability.

“We don’t go by age because, when I homeschooled, I took a lot of classes and realized that kids all learn at different paces. We decide what’s best for each child, which is different for all kids, evaluate where their abilities are, what’s going on at home, and a lot of other factors, before we place them in a group,” said Cordaro.

Children at the school also spend some time altogether in a large group, like during circle time and play time. The layout of the building, which has a large, open concept feel, helps enable this activity while still allowing groups to separate and focus on ability-appropriate tasks.

The location of the building, says Cordaro, also couldn’t be better. The school has five bus stops for Londonderry schools, including Matthew Thornton, South School, and both Moose Hill morning and afternoon sessions. She added that, while there are currently no Middle School students who come before or after school, it is always a possibility to have the bus stop there.

Ms. Darlene’s is open year-round from 6:30 AM until 5:30 PM, including during school vacations and snow storms. Cordaro said that, sometimes, she will close for one or two weeks at a time but will always notify parents at the beginning of the school year.

For more information, visit Ms. Darlene’s Early Learning Center and Childcare at their location at 10 Kendall Pond Road, Londonderry, or online here.



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