Mack’s Apple Pie Contest Approaching!

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Londonderry will soon be filled with the smells of warm apple pie wafting through the cool, crisp February air, thanks to Mack’s Apples. The popular Apple Pie Contest will take place on February 22, 2014, bringing not only the best pie makers from the area, but the wonderful smells only an apple pie can offer.

Registration for the pie contest is open and can be done at the Mack’s Apples Farm Market located on Mammoth Road, here in Londonderry. This year’s contest will be based on a first-come-first-served basis and will be limited in space, so register early!

The pie contest will feature both traditional apple pie and non-traditional apple pie categories. Traditional pies must have two crusts with an apple filling. Non-traditional pies may have one or two crusts and must contain mostly apples, but other fruits, nuts, creams, etc may be added as well.

A first, second and third winner will be selected from each category. First place winners will have their name added to the Great Apple Pie plaques found in the Mack’s Apples Farm Market and their recipes will be distributed in the store.

For more information, contact Mack’s Apples at 603-434-7619 or visit their Farm Stand on Mammoth Road.

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