North School’s Images of Greatness Presentation Rescheduled

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Images of Greatness evening was rescheduled to Wednesday April 9th from 6-9:30pm, due to flooding. The event will be held in the gymnasium at North School. Images of Greatness evening is a celebration of the study of an eminent person in our world. Students dipped into the lives of many important people from around the world and their expertise’s. After exploring many people, students decided on one that intrigued them the most. Students researched and read about their person using a variety of resources. In class, students worked on a writing piece called a Bio-Riddle. The Bio-riddle tells all about their person but does not mention their name, that is up to the audience to guess! At home, students were responsible for a project of their choice that further displayed the knowledge they had acquired. Students will come dressed in character with a small snack to share with their friend and family. Come and enjoy this night of very interesting people that help shaped the world in which we live.

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