Assisted Living Facility Proposed to Londonderry Planning Board

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Glen Kaplan of KDG went before the board during the Planning Board Meeting of July 9th, proposing a 112 bedroom, 2 story All American Assisted Living Facility on the corner of Route 102 and Meadow Drive. The Assisted Living Facility would be open 24 hours a day, having three shifts, and 22 employees.

George Chadwick of Bedford Design Engineers and Surveyors was also present at the meeting. He stated that all zoning and site plan regulations can be met with the exception of density, since only 27 unites would be permitted under the proposal. Chadwick said the project would go before the Zoning Board in hopes of receiving a density waiver.

Kaplan described the units as being the equivalent of two bedroom apartments, with the exception of two of the units only having one bedroom. He also described the facility as having the degree of amenities where residents would not have to leave the facility if they did not want to. Chadwick said that if the variance for density is granted to KDG, Kaplan would then meet with the Conservation and Heritage Commissions while submitting for the design review process with the Planning Board.

Town Planner Cynthia May stated that while the density of the KDG project would be higher than what is permitted under the ordinance, she noted this would be offset by a significantly lower traffic volume compared to commercial uses allowed there since most residents would not use personal vehicles. She added it would be preferable to other commercial projects proposed for this area over the years because of fewer negative aesthetic impacts. Having retail uses (Crossroads Mall, various pharmacies, etc.) and medical facilities (Elliot 10 Medical Center) so close by would make this location well suited for an assisted living facility.

An architectural rendering was offered, as well as an illustration showing the pairing of this project with a proposed elderly housing project on abutting lots. The elderly development, known as Calamar Senior Housing, is still in the conceptual stage, but expected to go before the Board for approval in the near future.

The images below are the site plans of the Assisted Living Facility. To view more images, click here.

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