Ryan Montbleau just Booked at Tupelo!

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August 10 KING’S X
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How do I describe a Ryan Montbleau show? It’s difficult. At times, Ryan writing and word play reminds me of Jason Mraz but that’s not a fair comparison because Ryan is clearly doing his own thing. What I can tell you is that this is a super fun, excellent show that you will love.

At 34, he’s a late-bloomer who’s right on time. Montbleau didn’t start singing and playing guitar in earnest until he was in college, at Villanova. Later, working at the House of Blues in Boston, he began playing solo sets there as a warm-up act. His band ? there’s now six of them ? came together naturally, over time, planting strong roots in coffee shops, folk venues and rock clubs before converting audiences on an outdoor festival circuit that now stretches across the country. Through word of mouth and repeat visits, the band has built a devoted following from the Northeast to Chicago, Seattle and Austin. “It’s like watching the grass grow,” says the easygoing Montbleau.

When the crowds are dancing, the band digs deeper in the pocket. But Montbleau, who still performs solo, is constantly looking to strike a balance between the contagious energy of moving bodies and making a closer connection. (Listen)

September 21 GREGG ROLIE (at Pinkerton Academy)
This is a rare opportunity to see Rock N Roll giant, vocalist and keyboard player Gregg Rolie with a FULL BAND. Gregg Rolie is responsible for co-founding and providing lead vocals for legendary supergroups SANTANA and JOURNEY. Launching- along with Carlos Santana – the now legendary act, Rolie also co-produced Santana’s first four groundbreaking albums. His unforgettable lead vocals on many Santana hits including “Black Magic Woman” “Evil Ways” and “Oye Como Va” helped skyrocket the band to the top of the charts. After Santana, Rolie went on to establish Journey with fellow ex-Santana mate, guitarist Neal Schon. In addition to lending his considerable keyboard prowess to the endeavor, he also provided lead vocals on the band’s first 3 albums and co-lead vocals on “the next 3. Rolie co-wrote and co-produced the band’s first seven albums, including the hugely successful 1981 live double album “Captured.”

The Gregg Rolie Band is composed of 4 musicians from Santana (2 of them now in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame) and 3 other highly accomplished players. Having worked with some of the biggest names in music over the years and having toured the world many times over, these musicians have the skills to interpret this music in the way it is meant to be interpreted, as Gregg so intimately knows. (Listen)

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, David Knopfler grew up in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the North of England. By fourteen, David was performing his own songs in folk clubs and having learned guitar, piano and drums in his childhood, it’s not surprising to find he’s mastered many of the instruments he uses on his recordings. Despite a college degree, he can’t recall any other aspirations beyond composing and playing music.

David founded Dire Straits alongside his brother Mark, and recorded three albums, touring the stadium circuit extensively, before resigning three years later to follow his own path of independent, singer-songwriter. For more than two decades has faithfully pursued his musical vision, writing and producing his own music on nine solo CDs to date.

David creates songs of substance. They are by turns deep and captivating, elegant and thought provoking, with clever, gripping lyrics, his exquisite sense of melody blending effortlessly. More attentive listeners might even find themselves decoding the frequent buried references David includes. An example is found in “Jericho” (from his 2002 album Wishbones), the words to which conceal titles of previous albums and songs.

David Knopfler has been fortunate enough to reach a wide audience without compromising his art. While he’s enjoyed the respect and admiration of his musical peers, widespread critical acclaim, international awards and worldwide chart successes, he’s managed, in his own country, Britain, to keep a profile so low as to be nearly invisible. He lives quietly in the English countryside, notching up an impressive list of writing credits.

An understated integrity and honesty define Knopfler in both his work and private life. A family man and a lifelong member of organizations like Greenpeace, Amnesty International and Adopt a Minefield, David has always made uncompromising life choices. “I don’t regard what I do as remotely glamorous. I write and record music because I completely love doing it, despite any so called “celebrity status” that sometimes comes with the job.” (Listen)

15 year old Quinn Sullivan is quickly gaining quite a reputation among today’s most respected guitar players and musical artists. He has been touring the world with his mentor and friend, Buddy Guy, promoting his latest CD, “Getting There,” produced in Nashville with multi-Grammy winner Tom Hambridge.

Since the age of 7, Quinn has been sharing stages with legendary players like Eric Clapton, BB King and Buddy Guy at iconic venues like the Hollywood Bowl, Madison Square Garden, and Red Rocks. He has also performed at some of the world’s most prestigious festivals including Montreux Jazz, Austin City Limits, and Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival.

In 2006, Quinn made his national television debut on the Ellen DeGeneres show and brought the crowd to its feet with his rendition of the Beatles classic, “Twist and Shout.” Then, in 2007, Quinn had an encounter that changed his life forever. He met blues legend Buddy Guy at a theater in his hometown. Buddy invited Quinn on stage that night after witnessing his ability during a backstage visit. Shortly thereafter, Buddy asked Quinn to record some guitar tracks on his album “Skin Deep,” released in 2009.
In 2011, Quinn released his debut CD, “Cyclone,” which peaked at #7 on the Billboard blues album chart. He performed the title track on Jimmy Kimmel Live in March of that year and continued to tour throughout the U.S. and Canada, gaining thousands of new fans and followers along the way. Quinn released his second CD, “Getting There,” in June of 2013. He continued touring and exploded onto the national television scene making appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, before returning to the Ellen DeGeneres show a second time in January of 2014. (Listen)

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