What makes Londonderry special is its unique blend of country and farms surrounded by an extensive transportation infrastructure with three exits off two interstate highways, plus a regional airport with millions of passengers each year. This easy access puts Londonderry less than an hour from major attractions and places. The community already has dynamic development in place with thousands of acres still available for growth.

The Mission of our Commerce and Visitors Center

To promote Londonderry, New Hampshire and the region; To grow, support, and advocate for existing businesses, and to attract new desirable commercial and industrial development. To market Londonderry’s agricultural products and activities to ensure prosperous farms. To emphatically demonstrate that in Londonderry, New Hampshire “Business is Good, Life is Better!”


Publishing corporate profiles with the intent of retaining and attracting like- minded corporations to Londonderry. Providing shopping, dining and lodging information including detailed information with phone, website links and maps. Staff and volunteers work as a team with companies, storefronts, restaurants and other commerce entities to build bonds within the town of Londonderry and in the Southern New Hampshire region.

Plan and implement multimedia, multifaceted solutions growing the customer base for community storefronts and image development of corporate stakeholders in town.


Provide comprehensive detailed information on the products and “agrativities” (agricultural activities) available at the farms of Londonderry. Work hand in hand with the five major farms developing tourism and healthy local support of the farms. Communicate locally that the town’s farms have created the bucolic setting and environment that is Londonderry. Communicate regionally, in New England, that Londonderry is a destination for healthy fresh local food and fun family activities.

Transportation Infrastructure

Generate an understanding of the unique nature of the geographic location of Londonderry particularly as it relates to our transportation infrastructure. Promote commercial development in locations adjacent to our roadways including Route 102 in the south, Route 28 in the North and the Airport Access Road in the North West.

Cohas Bridge under construction in September of 2009 as the deck is laid


The Commerce and Visitors Center will pay particular attention to Exit 4, Exit 5, the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and the Route 3 Everett Turnpike Exit to Londonderry. At the same time, the organization will protect and promote the agricultural and passive recreational core of the community.

Promoting a blend of variety with commerce and residential opportunities resulting in the appearance and actuality that the town is “the best place to live, work and play.”


Publish and promote the diverse organizations and activities in Londonderry that appeal to all ages. Showcase those organizations involved in sports, the arts, youth, seniors, schools, history, passive recreation and community service.

Blend the services and needs of these stockholders with the members of the Commerce and Visitors Center, with the intent to leverage the assets of all.


Provide to members a centralized voice into local and state government with the goal to guide and focus municipal resources on supporting appropriate commercial and industrial development. Work as a champion for preservation of the lifestyle that attracted so many which, in turn, created this special place in New England. To act as necessary as a central organization to obtain funding, legislation and solutions from the State and Federal government.

Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center Video