Located along busy Route 102 in Londonderry, Avandi’s offers fine Greek, Italian and American cuisine at affordable prices. Owned and operated by Teddy and Yiota Karametros, the restaurant has been in operation since August of 1996 and comes as the culmination of love, dedication, and seeking the American Dream.

Teddy came to America from Greece when he was eighteen and worked day and night in Manchester, NH at the Carpenter Hotel. He saved his money with the hopes of owning his own restaurant one day. In 1978, he opened his first restaurant and four years later, in 1982, he traveled back to Greece to visit family. While there, he met Yiota.

Knowing he would return to America, he proposed to Yiota and three weeks later they were married. Teddy returned to the states and Yiota followed one month later. The newlyweds decided to take their honeymoon by driving along the coast from Hampstead to Atlantic. While on the road, they stopped in Mystic, Connecticut and ate at Yiota’s first American restaurant. The name was Avandi’s. Years later, Teddy kept his promise to Yiota that he would open a restaurant with her.

The Avandi’s Pirate

For years, Christmas trees were sold in the lot next to Avandi’s. When Home Depot was built, the man that ran the sales decided to stop selling and left a very large Santa Claus behind. Teddy decided to paint the Santa into a pirate and for years the pirate was in the trees near to restaurant.

The pirate was stolen a couple of times throughout the years, and was once found floating in the pond at the old Blue Seal building. Another time, the police called Teddy to let him know they’d found his pirate with his leg broken. He brought the pirate home and chained him to a tree outside Avandi’s.

Eventually, the original owner called and asked Teddy for Santa back. Painting him back into Santa Claus, the Avandi’s pirate can still be seen on Elm Street in Manchester each holiday season. He can be recognized by his broken leg.

After the man that sold the trees left, a woman began selling Beanie Babies at the lot. Knowing the story of the pirate and how he went back to the original owner, she bought the pirate that now stands in the lobby of Avandi’s as a thank you.

As a Londonderry resident, Teddy cares about the history and community of the town. His vision is to show the local history and to become a part of it. He loves servicing the public and is very devoted to doing his best each day for his customers.

Avandi’s serves homemade and healthy dishes at affordable prices. Daily specials are offered and chefs will work with customers to customize dishes. They are always changing menu items to offer something different and healthy and continue adding more vegetarian dishes.

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Thursday, 7 AM until 8:30 PM, Friday and Saturday, 7 AM until 9 PM and Sunday 7 AM until 8:30 PM. They are closed on Mondays. Their entire menu is also available for takeout.

Be sure to visit Avandi’s at 87 Nashua Road or online.