Shaw Farm

Shaw Farm in Dracut, MA on Londonderry Hometown Online NewsA pleasant drive 12 miles down Mammoth Road from the Londonderry crossroads, and turn left onto Lakeview Avenue through the Collinsville section of Dracut to get to Shaw’s Dairy. Behind a row of strip malls are the 75 acres of rolling hills and barns of the Shaw family. It’s quieter, old fashioned world as you turn into the driveway towards farm stand.

Shaw’s Farm Dairy produces milk products sold in those old fashioned glass bottles, as well as plastic jugs. They also produce ice cream in dozens of flavors, sold at their own farm stand and in a seasonal ice cream stand across the street. It’s fun to slurp the milk right out of the bottles, or lick a cone while the 75 Shaw’s Farm cows watch. You can imagine that they are smiling as you enjoy your dairy treats!

Shaw Farm Cows in Dracut, MA on Londonderry Hometown Online NewsIn the summer you can find corn, veggies and eggs at the farm stand. Kids especially love visiting and opening the large cooler doors to the milk selection and helping mom pick out a variety of flavored milk to take home with the regular gallon jugs. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day there is even an eggnog choice.

Warren Shaw, the head of the dairy, offers Monday night barn tours. Just drop him an email or a phone call to get a private tour of the farm, where you can also get his opinions on the controversial bovine growth hormone, or why he doesn’t sell raw milk. He does sell a new certified organic milk product, and all his milk comes from the herd you see mooing around in the fields by the farm stand. He grows his own corn and hay, and supplements his feed with grain. He is also a Saturday night talk show host on Lowell’s WCAP 980 AM.

Shaw’s farm also has about 200 home delivery customers. Unfortunately Londonderry isn’t included on the delivery route. Lucky customers can have fresh delivery of eggs, milk, orange juice, bottled water and other goods. Perhaps if enough of us inquire, this policy will change?!

Shaw Farm Ice Cream Stand in Dracut, MA on Londonderry Hometown Online NewsThe glass bottles are returnable, to either their own farm stand, to Wilson’s, or to any vendor that carries Shaw’s milk, and there is a deposit refunded to you each time you bring back a bottle. You just might want to keep a bottle or two for a shabby chic flower vase!

Shaw Farm is located on 195 New Boston Road, Dracut, Massachusetts. The phone number is 978-957-0031.

Visit the Shaw Farm Website and be sure to sign up for the Monday Barn Tours!

Shaw Farm is located on New Boston Road in Dracut, Massachusetts. Browse this map for detailed directions.