Pettengill Road

Pettengill Road will directly connect to the Manchester-Boston Regional Access Road. The Access Road currently under construction will be completed in 2013.When completed, Pettengill Road will be an intersection on this road. It will allow Londonderry to open our largest parcel of industrial land 1000 acres, and create over 4.6 million square feet of new construction. The vacant land in the vicinity of Pettengill Road is considered among the best industrial property in Southern NH.

Pettingill Road Plans Mid 2008, Londonderry, New Hampshire Airport Access Road projectThe road will help link the F.E. Everett Turnpike and Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. It will come from the airport through Londonderry, into Manchester, and across the Merrimack River via the state’s third-longest bridge, and will enter Bedford right at the Merrimack town line.

In January, 2011, Governor John Lynch endorsed creation of a State Infrastructure Bank. In an effort to help communities move forward with local road projects, the bank will provide a revolving loan fund that communities could access to pay for road and bridge projects, and then pay back the cost of those projects over time through the tax revenues generated by economic growth.