Baldwin Travel

Cindy Baldwin has been making travel dreams come true for families, individuals and couples for ten years. After working for another travel agency for a number of years, she followed her dream of creating her own business and opened Baldwin Travel in June of 2010.

A travel enthusiast herself, Baldwin feels it is very important to give a personal touch when working with clients. She has traveled across the globe, allowing her to better serve her clients and make sure they have a fun and enjoyable vacation without the planning and stress that comes with it.

Baldwin can help plan global trips, large family or group trips of fifty people or more, and destination weddings. She can plan custom trips to Europe, as she has done much traveling throughout this part of the world. She will plan the agenda according to the travelers’ interests and budgets. She can also negotiate with hotels, get amenities added to the trips for free, and knows the best locations to ensure the clients get a most enjoyable experience.

Most recently, Baldwin has been passionate about planning destination weddings. She works with brides, bridal parties, family members, and wedding guests to plan the entire trip. She becomes the point of contact for all guests, which takes the pressure off the bride. Baldwin can help guests set up flights, hotel rooms, and other details that the bride should not have to worry about. Her passion for destination weddings has also landed her in a book specializing in New England destination weddings.

With all the tools on the internet to help with travel, it may seem that travel agents are becoming a thing of the past. However, Baldwin explained, “It doesn’t cost anything to use my assistance when planning a trip. I receive a commission from the hotels when I book a trip.” Travelers who use an agent don’t pay anything to the agent, nor do they pay more for the hotels, flights, or other reservations during the trip. “Someone gets the commission from the hotels every time it’s booked. Either the hotel keeps it if you book directly, or it gets sent to me if I book it,” she added.

Baldwin also said that the best part of using a travel agent is that “you tell them where you want to go, what your budget is, and they can do all the work.” Her knowledge allows Baldwin to book the best resorts, find extra discounts or amenities, and take on the stress of planning, scheduling, and booking the trip. She can also give travelers tips on where to eat, what to see, the best way to spend money, how to blend in, and the local customs.

As an agent, Baldwin goes to travel agent shows constantly to find new information on changes and offerings. She also attends travel classes to learn about areas she is not familiar with; this fall she will be heading to Las Vegas for a class on African Safaris. She is also part of a large network of agents that enables her to get better discounts and group rates for clients.

Baldwin currently writes a travel column for Londonderry News, giving tips to readers on the best places and policies for traveling. Read the column here.

Baldwin Travel is based from Baldwin’s home in Londonderry, though one of the benefits is that travel arrangements can now be made without ever meeting in her office. For more information or to start planning your next vacation, visit Baldwin Travel online.