Appletree Orthodontics

Appletree Orthodontics has been a fixture in Londonderry, offering quality dental care to patients of all ages for more than 26 years. Founded by the first woman orthodontist in the state of New Hampshire, Dr. Patricia Timmeny, Appletree Orthodontics opened its doors in 1986 with 25 patients.

Dr. Timmeny worked as a dental hygienist prior to becoming an orthodontist. After completing dental school, she continued her education into orthodontics. It took her eleven years to complete her degree. During her studies, she was one of only 25 women in a class of 160 completing dental schooling. When she moved into orthodontic training, she was only one of two women. In fact, her male counterparts complained, claiming she was taking the position of men who needed the education for work and that she would not work when she completed the schooling.

Upon completion of her education, she planned on opening her own business. However, it was so unusual for a woman to have her own practice, banks wouldn’t lend to her. Dr. Timmeny needed her husband to cosign a loan in order for her to open her doors.

From just 25 patients, to more than 5,000, Appletree Orthodontics has worked with children and adults of all ages. Generally, the dentist will refer the patient, but around the age of seven is when children’s teeth should be examined by an orthodontist. Though braces will not be placed at this young age, patients can be screened to help their teeth develop properly and help avoid braces in the future.Dr. Patricia Timmeny (in pink) poses with the staff of Appletree Orthodontics.

Dr. Timmeny said that she has seen a change in the types of patients that come into her office. Sometimes, parents will schedule appointments for themselves at the same time as their children. She explained that, with one family, when one daughter had her braces removed, the father had his placed; when his were removed, the second daughter’s were put on.

Through the years, Appletree Orthodontic’s technologies have changed. In the beginning, there were no computers or digital x-rays. Now, patients can use computers to sign into their appointments upon arrival. They can also choose to have their fingerprints scanned. They also offer Invisalign, the latest in braces technology. They serviced Invisalign’s 2 millionth patient and are now a part of the national campaign.

Over the years, Appletree Orthodontics has done more than just brightened the smiles of the community. The practice has also supported a scholarship program through the high school for the last ten years. The scholarship is entitled to two seniors- one boy and one girl- who are going into the science and healthcare study fields.

Appletree Orthodontics is open Monday through Friday, 7 AM until 5 PM. However a staff member is available in case of emergencies. Visit them at 77 Gilcreast Road, Suite 3000 or online here.