Elliot Medical Care

Elliot Medical Center in Londonderry, NH was the answer to Southern New Hampshire’s need for high quality medical care. It offers a state of the art facility that is welcoming, sophisticated, unique and easily accessible.

With comprehensive services, including the latest imaging technology and Electronic Medical Records, they offer a variety of medical expertise designed to provide all your medical needs in one building. Their departments range from Primary Care and Senior Health Primary Care, to Behavioral Health and Internal Medicine.

Urgent Care is also available, offering families and individuals the opportunity to seek medical attention for non-life threatening emergencies, like broken bones and illnesses including ear infections. This is made available so that people did not have to wait for long hours in Emergency Rooms for small emergencies.

Elliot Medical Center is also home to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, a world renowned and highly respected cancer center based out of Boston, MA. After collaborating with the New Hampshire Oncology-Hematology for 25 years they were finally able to open their doors in the Elliot Medical Center in Londonderry, NH. New Hampshire Oncology-Hematology is a nationally recognized medical oncology group. The Dana Farber Cancer Institute offers clinical trial, pain management, social work, survivorship programs, nutritional counseling, palliative care, genetic screening, and complementary therapies.

Elliot Medical Center is located at 40 Buttrick Road. Visit them online.