Progressive Nutrition

Linda Julian owns and operates Progressive Nutrition here in Londonderry, NH. Ms. Julian has always been interested in nutrition and, after taking classes last year, she realized that the foods that are readily available to the average consumer are not always the healthiest.

Ms. Julian began researching foods and how different ones affect the body. “Everyone’s diets are different and bodies are different,” said Ms. Julian. “Some things that effect people will not effect another person. Hormones play a lot in how you break down the different chemicals in your system.”

Realizing the need to educate the public on food and its affects, she began Progressive Nutrition. Working with Ms. Julian, she will help clients evaluate their eating habits, set goals and work closely with clients to achieve them. “The relationship with food is complex, whether it is positive or negative. It will take a bit of work to peel away the layers so the cause can be found and corrected,” she explained.

During the initial stages, Ms. Julian has new clients fill out a comprehensive form regarding their eating habits, hormonal, cardiovascular, and digestive health. From there, she will evaluate the information and determine the issues to target. This will help her break down the foods and which should be removed or added. The client then chooses which program to participate in; Ms. Julian offers a three or six month individual program, as well as a 12-week group program.

The individual consults are created based on the client’s needs and biography. Ms. Julian is very flexible with her services and will work to best meet the needs of the client’s. She encourages clients to work at their own pace and never wants to set the clients up for failure. “I want to create the best program for the client to be successful and get on the road to healthy eating.”

Ms. Julian works with clients of all ages and backgrounds and will help build a plan that fits the clients’ needs as well as their families’. She provides recipes, reading materials, and information regarding alternative options, shopping techniques, proper food choices, and more. Throughout the private consultations, Ms. Julian will call and email clients to ensure they are utilizing the new program. She will watch each client for allergic or digestive reactions. She wants to make sure that, when clients begin the program and detoxification, their needs are being met.

“What many people don’t understand is that, if you eat the proper foods, weight loss can happen,” Ms. Julian stated. She explained that the ratio between food and exercise is 80:20 towards food and that is is not the quantity but the quality of the food people eat that help weight loss. “Processed food has been one of the reasons that, in America, cardiovascular diseases are on the rise. The body knows natural ingredients and has a difficult time breaking down processed foods.

“Prior to 1927, there were few deaths related to heart attacks,” added Ms. Julian. “If you look over the years, you can see milestones and see when things started to change in American’s health. World War II had a lasting effect on our food intake. With the creation of processed food, these foods are not very nutritious, which makes the body not utilize it in the appropriate way. In the 1950’s, studies were done that said we should cut down on our fat. Processed and creative nonfat foods were introduced to the market. The change in foods, our diet and lifestyle can be traced to the continued weight gain in the country today.”

Nutrition is Ms. Julian’s passion and she wants to give each client the tools to make the choices that are right for them. She wants her clients to feel like they are not on a diet, but are making a lifestyle change. Nutrition is an education process and the programs give clients the knowledge to know what food is doing to their physiology and how to better care for themselves.

Progressive Nutrition is located on Route 102 in Londonderry. For more information or to contact Linda Julian, visit the website.