Crossfit Stone Warriors

Crossfit Stone Warriors opened on Buttrick Road in January, 2013, after owner and trainer Greg Porter saw the opportunity to bring the increasingly popular exercise method to Londonderry. Having trained for nearly two years and becoming certified, Porter wanted to share the benefits of Crossfit.

Described as a “functional movement workout,” Porter explained that the Crossfit exercises are “movements you do everyday, we’re just making them more intense and adding weight.” He stated that it’s a really, really intense workout for the whole body and a great base for other sports. “I did Crossfit and I ran a 5k and it was nothing. All I did was train Crossfit to run. It will help any sport.” Porter added that a lot of mixed martial arts fighters are starting Crossfit.

“Every workout’s different,” said Porter. “With normal workouts, you just do the same thing every week and it’s boring. With this it’s always different.” He explained that the Crossfit gyms put their workouts on the internet, allowing other gyms to use and adapt those workouts for their own gyms, and get new, fresh ideas.

Typical workouts are one hour long and begin with a warm up exercise followed by a skill or power exercise. Class workouts are scaled based on who is in the class. Beginners are welcome at any class and Porter explained that there is a learning period for beginners called the “on-ramp,” which allows the member to work up to the level of most of the others in the group. “If you have to do pushups against a wall, then do it,” Porter said.

Porter also explained that form is very important when exercising. “I really keep an eye on people’s form. Nobody’s form is going to be perfect, but in every lift or workout, there’s a position that’s a really bad position to be in while you’re working out, so I try to correct those.” He added that flat shoes are better because they have harder soles and are better for form.

At Porter’s Crossfit gym, members compete against themselves by using benchmark workouts to see how far they’ve come. He also explained that, though members do compete against each other, there’s still a sense of community. “Where you’re working against each other, it’s still everybody helps everybody in the group. They also see what other people are doing and think, ‘Oh, I want to do that,’ and it pushes them harder.”

Though he’s not a nutritionist, Porter said he can point members in the right direction of what to eat. He said a lot of Crossfit trainers believe in the Paleo diet, which encourages more protein and good fats.

Crossfit Stone Warriors holds group classes as well as private sessions. Group classes occur Monday through Friday from 5:30 until 8:30 and hold between five and eight people. An open gym hour is held Saturdays for those who may have missed a day throughout the week. Porter stated members could come six days per week, but does not recommend it. “You’re going to burn out if you do it every single day,” he said.

Crossfit Stone Warriors is located at 28 Buttrick Road.