Training Effects

Heavy machinery lines the room, as do workout balls, elastics, and weights. Energizing music streams through the air, encouraging patrons to keep their heart rate up and bodies moving. And the motto to live by, “Train Hard or Go Home”, is a focal point on the wall for clients at Training Effects.

Bill Eacrett, owner of the personal training center, opened the doors eleven years ago in Londonderry. After graduating from Londonderry High School then college for physical training, Eacrett began working as a trainer in Salem. “When you work in a gym, you bump into people. That gave me the idea for a personal training facility,” he said.

Training Effects does not do standard membership and is not considered a gym. “You can’t just come in and use the equipment; it has to be by appointment or through a group class,” said Eacrett. Sessions last about an hour and the trainers will give clients a complete program, from nutrition to workout.

During the first visit, new clients will sit down and get a full fitness appraisal package to take home and complete. Measurements, diet goals, and small evaluation workouts are also done to determine where the client is. From there, workouts are scheduled and the new fitness program is put into effect. Typically, the trainers know within the first month of training if new clients are serious about staying with the fitness plan.

“Training and staying on track is very difficult,” stated Michael Stoddart, co-owner of Training Effects. “It is not easy. This is a lifestyle change if you make the commitment to train at this level. It something that requires so much work and commitment that it is something very hard to do on your own.” Eacrett added, “It’s a love-hate relationship.”

With such a slogan, working out at the personal training center may seem intimidating. However, Eacrett states that the slogan is more to ensure client success than to deter customers. “It’s not to discourage people; it is that we are uncomfortable taking your money if you are not serious about following through and taking the training seriously. It’s not called a party out. It’s called a workout. If you want it bad enough, it is a lot of hard work.”

Clients will experience a different workout each time they come to the gym. “If you are always doing the same exercise over and over again, you’d start to hate it. This is why we’re always changing the workout,” said Eacrett. “Every time you come to the gym, the trainer will work to strengthen a different part of the body. For one hour, you are moving from one machine to another.”

“We have a relationship with our clients. We get told stuff we don’t want to hear because training is very personal. It is almost like fifty percent of the time we are a therapist and fifty percent being a trainer,” said Stoddart. “We also have an interest in you, the client. I had one client call me from Wendy’s. I told him, ‘Jay, there is nothing good there for you.’ Really it is like a family here.”

Along with personal training, Training Effects also offers group fitness classes. These classes include Kick ‘n Strength Interval Training, Zumba, Circuit Training, Kettlebell, and Yoga and are kept in small groups. Teachers vary depending on class type and are offered at various times during the week.

The client base at the center varies from younger athletes in middle and high school to older women and men. Professional hockey players, local sports groups, and busy moms and dads are just a few of the more than seventy-five clients that seriously train at the center.

“Getting in shape is not just cosmetic. That is why Michael and I do this. Because we can truly change people’s lives,” said Eacrett. “Being a personal trainer is very difficult because your boss is in front of you all the time.”

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