Town Pound

The Londonderry Town Pound is an official New Hampshire State Historical Marker and was established as such in 1991. The pound was constructed in 1730 as a means to confine stray animals. The animals were kept here by men called “pounders” or reeves until they were ransomed by their owners.

David Dickey held the first pound in the West Parish. When the current boundaries of Londonderry were established in 1836, David Gilcreast contracted to build a free-laid pound out of stones to the Selectmen’s specifications.

For $30, Gilcreast supplied both the land and materials to construct this pound. It was built in a “workmanlike manner”, tapering from bottom to top. This pound, finished in 1831, faces Mammoth Road and has its back to the intersection of Old Stage Road.

The pound stands today as Londonderry landmark on Mammoth Road just north of the Town Commons. Visitors are welcome to stop by and take a picture with this local piece of history. For more detailed directions, browse the map below.