North Elementary School

North School is a 61,052 square feet building and consists of 27 general classrooms, 2 special education classrooms, art space, a multi-purpose room, gymnasium, library media center and playground area.

North School offers a wide variety of instructional programs designed to meet individual student needs. We provide remedial reading support and enrichment at all grade levels as needs dictate, math enrichment programs at the 4th and 5th grade levels, and additional support in reading and mathematics. Three-hour instructional assistants in grades 1-3 and two-hour assistants in 4th and 5th, provide classroom teachers with the support needed to establish smaller “learning communities” in the classroom. This allows for flexible grouping practices on a daily basis in the areas of Reading and Mathematics.

North School seeks to develop a community of learners composed of students and staff who are effective users of ideas and information. We are a committed partnership with the paramount focus of positively affecting a child’s intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development, that he or she may reach their full potential.

Looping and Gifted and Talented Programs, Sum-It Math Program, Before/After School Programs, Honey-Bear Pot Savings Program, National School Library Recognition, Blue Ribbon Volunteer Program, Friday Morning Teacher Talks, Rivier College Student Teaching Site, and Extra Curricular Activities.

Programming for students with educational disabilities is highly individualized with the idea that all students are included in the regular curriculum as much as deemed appropriate. Approximately 15 to 18 percent of the general school population has been identified as having special needs. Programs for these students currently include; individual and small group tutoring either in the classroom or in a SPED lab environment, small group replacement math and/or language arts, classroom support, full inclusion with modifications to regular curriculum, and a self-contained program. Other services include speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and counseling.

General music classes are provided for all students on a weekly basis. Instrumental Band Program for Grade 5, Choral Program for students in Grades 4 & 5, and string lessons for String Ensemble Program. Band and Chorus members participate in a variety of programs including winter and spring concerts, Memorial Day Parade Program and other special activities.

North School has one full-time and two part-time counselors for our student population. Counselors are available when developmental challenges occur, and provide a support system in dealing with issues from divorce, alcohol and or drug dependency, death of a loved one, or difficult peer relationships. Their goal is to help children grow academically while giving support and education related to these issues. North School also shares with other elementary schools a student assistance counselor. The purpose of this program is to provide education and support to students who may be experiencing school or family problems related to a loved one’s substance abuse. Referrals to the guidance department may come from students, parents, teachers, or other community professions.

The Library Media Center provides a comprehensive collection of resources to support the curriculum, to promote an appreciation of reading, and to develop information literacy skills. Additionally, the Library Media Specialist works collaboratively with teachers to develop projects that reinforce these skills. As of 6/30/09, the collection includes: 17,464 circulating items; 512 reference volumes; 3 electronic data base subscription services and 38 periodical subscriptions. Presently, there are 6 library computers available to support teaching and learning as well as a variety of other audio-visual and technology resources.

Computers with internet access for instructional use are located in the classrooms and in the library media center. A mobile lab of 25 computers is also available for classroom use. Technology skills and benchmarks are integrated into the curriculum.

Fifth Grade students participate in a district wide cross-country program, which culminates in a Londonderry cross-country race between the three elementary schools.

North School has a very active Parent/Teacher Association. The PTA facilitates our mission statement by providing a variety of learning and extra-curricular programming. Volunteers are welcome and necessary to support our instructional programs. The PTA meets on the second Thursday of each month.

North School students are able to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities, including:

  • After School Intramural Program Grades 2-5
  • Band Program Grade 5
  • Chorus Program Grades 4-5
  • Strings Program Grades 4-5

North School opened in 1967. In 1991, portable classrooms were added to the building housing seven fourth and fifth grade classrooms, as well as a smaller special curriculum area. In 1997, a beautiful full-size gymnasium and corridor area was added. Our students and the community at large use this facility on a daily basis. In 2005 an expansion renovation project was undertaken and 11 permanent classrooms replaced the modular ones. In addition, an expanded parking area, expanded lobby, office area, and nurse’s area were realized, and in the Fall of 2006, the project was completed with an expanded library media center, new kitchen equipment and playground facility. A dedication ceremony was held on October 15, 2006.