Helpful Links

The links included below are to provide you the opportunity to learn more about the Londonderry area. Select the topic that interests you to learn more about our historical town!

Londonderry Town website

Londonderry Police Department website

Londonderry Fire Department website

Londonderry School District website

Londonderry Leach Library website

Londonderry Senior Center website

Londonderry Access Community Television website

Londonderry Historical Society website

Londonderry GIS MapTools website

Londonderry Property Assessment website

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport website

The image above shows the Londonderry Municipal Complex, located towards the center of town. The large “L”-shaped brick building towards the center of the image is the Town Hall. The white faced building directly next to that is the School District Offices, and the building in the upper portion is the Police Station. To the far right is the Leach Library and just beyond that, out of the image, is Londonderry’s Central Fire Department.