Peabody Funeral Home

Founded in 1933 by Bertrand E. Peabody, Peabody Funeral Home has become the oldest funeral home in the area. For three generations and eighty years, Peabody has been family owned and operated. Current owners and brothers Erik and Craig Peabody have been working with the home for thirty years, since the age of 14.

Erik and Craig believe strongly in taking time off and treating their employees well. They also ensure that their employees treat each family delicately. “We want to make sure that our staff is treating people the way we would. They’re just an extension of us,” said Erik.

Each staff member holds an Associate’s Degree from a Mortuary College and is required to take courses such as psychology and grief, as well as learn about the different religious faiths. All staff are licensed funeral directors and embalmers, like Erik and Craig, and some have fifteen to twenty years experience.

Peabody Funeral Home will work with families or individuals who would like to begin making plans for their funeral. Erik recommends to, “if nothing else, talk to family about what you want after death. If it’s never talked about and your family is thrown into it, it’s difficult for them to know what you want.” The home will help those looking to make plans; “We can just talk or we can write up a contract. You don’t have to make a down payment, but we can at least get it in writing so the family knows,” he added.

The home will also work with families whose services will be held out-of-state. This includes assisting with filing a death certificate, filling out paperwork, or embalming. They will also try to work funeral home to funeral home so that the family only has to work with the out-of-state funeral home.

Located on Birch Street in Derry, NH, Peabody Funeral Home was originally an old farmhouse that was converted to a funeral facility. In 1989, the family developed on eleven acres of land on Mammoth Road in Londonderry to build their second location. Believed to have once been farmland, Erik explained that there still stands stonewalls along the property and old farming apparatus has been found in the woods. The Londonderry location is one of the larger funeral homes in the state.

Both locations are said to seat approximately the same number of people, however each serves a slightly different purpose. The Derry location is a full service facility where caskets and urns can be purchased, while the Londonderry location serves as a chapel for services and calling hours. Peabody Funeral Home also owns a standalone crematorium building in Derry.

The Derry location is staffed typically Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM and Saturdays from 8 AM until 12 noon, however there is always a director on call. It is recommended to call and make an appointment, as the Londonderry location is rarely staffed.

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