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The intent of the Londonderry Commerce and Visitors center is to market and promote the community as the paradise that it is.  Not one item in the town or region make it the best place to live work and play.  All the amenities, like open space, agriculture, retail, manufacturing, energy, schools, services, health care, recreation and location, all work together to form a place where ‘Business is Good. Life is Better!”

For that reason, membership is not limited to one cross section of the community. All are welcome to join, contribute, and participate in promotion of our special place.

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Individual Memberships
Non-Profit and Farm Memberships
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Individual Members

You are welcome to join as a member if you are from Londonderry or have a past, present or future in the community.  Our student level is open to any student in the Londonderry School District or those attending a college or university.  Many of these young people have helped to build the Londonderry we enjoy today.  The development of our Commerce and Visitors Center could not have been possible without the assistance of these young citizens.

Historically Londonderry has been a bedroom community where many of our  members travel out of town to work each day.  They may not have the ability to join a typical chamber of commerce in order to support our mission.  Our Diplomat and Ambassador levels provide those that love Londonderry, but may have to work out of town, or those that do not have a business in town a method to join and support us.

Of course if you live, work and play in Londonderry every day, we would love to have you as a member too!

Individual Members Price Per Year Join now online!
Student $20.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-STUD” ]
Diplomat $50.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-DIPL” ]
Ambassador $150.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-AMBA” ]

Farms and Non-Profit Members

The farms, youth groups, churches and service organizations are the core of the Londonderry Community.  The reason many moved to this great town is for the viewshed the farms offer or the services and support of our local groups.

Our membership fees for these vital groups are low, often lower than those in other parts of the region or country as we understand and embrace the need to support these members.  You will find the programs and promotion of these vital resources quite extensive especially when our many U-Pick stands are in operation.  Agrativities are one of the number one reason that people visit Londonderry in the spring, summer and fall!

On any weekend you may find thousands visiting to enjoy youth sports activities; couple that with the Lions Yard Sale, the Rotary Car Show, just to name a few, and you can see why these non-profits join the Commerce and Visitors Center.

From youth groups on the playground, through scouting, school service organizations to public and private senior groups, we hope you too join in supporting our mission.

Non Profit and Farms Price Per Year Join now online!
Non-Profit $190.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-NONP” ]
Farm $190.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-FARM” ]

Business Members

Our core member base, these members help to support our operations through yearly membership fees based on the number of employees they have.  Most, but not all, members have operations in Londonderry. Some nearby businesses understand the value of our fast growing community and have joined in to help in promoting our mission.  In exchange, the Commerce and Visitors Center promotes the members operations through social networking, community networking and other membership programs.

Storefronts, restaurants, real estate firms, service operations and corporations of every type are welcome to join the Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center.

Businesses Price Per Year Join now online!
1-3 Employees $210.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-BUS-1-3″ ]
4-6 Employees $250.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-BUS-4-6″ ]
7-10 Employees $300.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-BUS-7-10″ ]
11-24 Employees $400.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-BUS-11-24″ ]
25-50 Employees $600.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-BUS-25-50″ ]
51-100 Employees $750.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-BUS-51-100″ ]
101-200 Employees $1000.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-BUS-101-200″ ]
201-300 Employees $1500.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-BUS-201-300″ ]
301-600 Employees $2200.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-BUS-301-600″ ]
600+ Employees $2700.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-BUS-600+” ]

Advocate Members

A select group of supporters, these sponsors provide three levels of support – individual, business, or corporate – to the organization. Developed to provide for extra assistance to our mission, individuals and companies with a smaller number of employees can apply to become an advocate.

Advocate Members Price Per Year Join now online!
Individual Advocate¹ $1000.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-ADV-IND” ]
Business Advocate² $2500.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-ADV-BUS1″ ]
Corporate Advocate² $4000.00 [add_to_cart item=”1YR-VLD-ADV-BUS2″ ]

Please contact our office for an appointment to review the intention and the advantages of becoming an advocate today!

In addition to financial support, these members contribute as an advisory board to the organization helping our group along the path to help people understand why, “Business is Good. Life is Better!” in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

¹Individual Advocate memberships are available for individuals or businesses that include one employee who would like to show more support for the Commerce and Visitors Center’s mission.

²Business and Corporate Advocate memberships are available for businesses or corporations with more than one employee that would like to show more support for the Commerce and Visitor Center’s mission.