With four orchards within miles from each other, Londonderry has rightfully been nicknamed “Apple Town”. Each of the orchards offer something slightly different to visitors, from farm animals and eggs, to a corn maze and picnic pavilions. All, however, offer freshly grown apples, pumpkins, and vegetables, and guarantee fun for the whole family.

Many “agrativities” (that’s agricultural activities) take place here in Londonderry during the year. Apples are plucked from thousands of trees and pumpkins are pulled from their patches every Fall at each of the four orchards. Sap flows fresh from the trees each Spring as the weather warms and is quickly made into delicious syrup at Peterson’s Sugar House. Christmas trees are carefully selected and cut down by families each winter at Sunnycrest Farm.

Follow these links to learn what each of these agrativity centers in Londonderry have to offer year round!

Elwood Orchards

Mack’s Apples

Merrill’s Farm

Peterson’s Sugar House

Sunnycrest Farm

Farm and Farmstand Locations in Londonderry