Fire Department Open House

The Londonderry Fire Department’s Open House has become a fun-filled annual event. Each year, the fire department hosts a number of safety demonstrations and fun events for children and families. The children receive the opportunity to explore the fire trucks, discover the equipment, and play with the radios inside the trucks. They learn about fire safety, see firefighters dressed in full uniform, and may even get to play with the fire hoses!

A Londonderry Fire Fighter lights a fire in the creosote-lined chimney stack.

Demonstrations include a smoke room, where families were welcome to enter and experience what it might be like if their house was filled with smoke. Firefighters were dressed in full uniform so younger children would know what they looked like if they were ever in their home.

Another year, firefighters demonstrated a controlled chimney fire. During the demonstration, firefighters, again dressed in full gear, lit a fire inside a chimney stack. The stack was lined with creosote, the potentially dangerous tar-like substance formed naturally from burning wood. Spectators were able to watch as the creosote lit fire and thick smoke and flames exited the top of the chimney stack. The demonstration was to show the dangers of an improperly cleaned chimney.

As part of the annual fun, children also get to experience spraying the fire department’s hose at a wooden house. Orange painted flames displayed inside the windows give the children a target. The windows of the house, once hit with water, fall open.

This event is usually held each October at the Central Fire Station on Mammoth Road. Browse this map for detailed directions.