Kidz Night

What has multiple personalities, wide eyes, red noses, and big ears? What is bouncy, giggly, sticky, and messy, but so much fun? Londonderry’s Old Home Day Kidz Night, of course! As the second night of festivities in this town tradition, its sure to make the kids smile. An event that’s brought more than 2,000 people in the past, it surely won’t disappoint!

Thursday night, the kids pop around Fun Bounce’s bounce houses like the popcorn the Knights of Columbus bring. Uncle Benz ice cream is licked and scooped as all eyes are fixated on the shows taking place on the Bandstand. Faces are painted like Spiderman, Batman, butterflies and flowers as little hands pet new and exciting animals.

The Lions always cook hot dogs, burgers and other delicious barbecue treats while clowns make balloon animals of all sizes. The Roaming Railroad is back, but be sure the kids don’t jump from the moving train to chase their favorite cartoon characters.

Londonderry’s PTAs host games, competitions, and more games! The ring toss threatens to send second and third graders back to Moose Hill Kindergarten, and a local child care center offers an interesting green goo for the children to play and sculpt with.

All the fun starts at 5:30 PM at the Town Common. With a few sad faces, Kidz Night will end at 8:00 PM. In the event of rain, the night will be moved to the Londonderry High School Gym. Activities are best suited for children under 10 years of age.

With the night off, Jacklynn visited the 2010 Old Home Day Kidz Night with her three young children. The following is an excerpt from the story she wrote about the fun times her and her children had.

“My children were fascinated by the drumline. Their eyes were transfixed on the drummers as the vibrations shook our insides. It was a little fascinating just to watch their fascination. They’d never really seen anything like it before, so who could blame them really?

The Lancers’ drumline had started playing pretty much as soon as we walked onto the Common for Londonderry Old Home Day Kidz Night. We made our way through small crowds, bounce houses, and tables towards the bandstand first. We stood at the back of the group, as the world dropped away and the beat drummed on.”

To read more, go to Kidz Night: No Bedtime Allowed.

Kidz Night is held on the Town Common on the corner of Mammoth and Pillsbury roads. Browse this map for detailed directions.