Mariah Geiger Gallery

LHS student Mariah Geiger with her artwork at popup art show in Londonderry, May 18 2012

Here is Mariah Geiger’s gallery of work. Some of her artworks are also on display at Coffeeberries Gourmet specialties, a coffee shop and cafe in Londonderry NH.

Artist Statement/Bio:
“I’m Mariah Geiger, 18 years old, and attending Gordon College in the fall to study art.  I’ve grown up in Londonderry and have always had an interest in the arts.  I was influenced by my art teacher Ms. Johnson my freshman year in high school to pursue art further.  Since then, I’ve experimented with many different mediums.  I’m in the process of building my skills and creativity.  What you see here is a small sampling of my recent drawings.  Enjoy!”




  • Kajimato, group “popup” show, Art of Merit award, May 18 2012

"Walnut Shell", framed $115

"Chess Piece", framed $120

"Bottles", unframed $120

"Spoon", unframed $75

 If you are interested in purchasing any of these artworks, please contact Andy Mack Jr to make arrangements for delivery. 100% of all proceeds go to the students. Act quickly! These galleries will be online only until 7/31/2012.