LAFA Complex

Click this aerial image of the LAFA Complex in Londonderry for a closer look at the fields.

The LAFA Complex in Londonderry began in the 1960’s as a way to provide ball fields for the area’s youth to play organized base- and softball. Starting small, the number, size, and quality of the fields quickly grew with the developing community. Today, more than ten fields of varying sizes spot the land on Sargent Road.

Along with the fields, the LAFA complex also provides visitors with a large playground, four tennis courts, a skate park, and two basketball courts. These are open to the public at all times and ball fields can be utilized by the public when not being used by a team.

Along with school teams, Londonderry’s softball and baseball youth group, the Londonderry Athletic and Field Association (LAFA) practice and play games on these fields. This organization now has more 1,500 children, on 115 teams, ranging from ages 5 to 18 years old. Teams are organized by age and skill level through the use of tryouts.

For a great history of the LAFA organization and complex, read this three part series published on Londonderry News by Bob Napolitano, a resident and extremely active member of sports in Londonderry.

The Start of a Ball League in Londonderry (Part 1)

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The LAFA Complex is located on Sargent Road, next to Londonderry’s Central Fire Station on Mammoth Road and across from Londonderry High School. Take a look at this map for more detailed directions.