The Londonderry YMCA has been serving the community of Londonderry since 1999 after the building was donated by the Town and local volunteers worked to structure the site’s first programs. Initial services included before and after school care at the branch, during which children were bussed to the site. Working with the Londonderry School District, the YMCA was able to move the after school services into each of the elementary schools.

As the momentum grew and more services were needed, the YMCA has been able to accommodate more community members. Along with the addition of the Londonderry Middle School after school program, which is held at the YMCA building, the YMCA is also now able to provide before and after school care for Moose Hill kindergarten students. Middle School students who attend the after school program have the opportunity to use the game room, play basketball, and an assortment of other activities.

During the summer, the YMCA hosts a daytime camp for kindergartners and older. Various activities, including swimming, archery, baseball, soccer, and specialty camps, are included in the price of summer camp and children can enjoy camp traditions like opening and closing ceremonies. Older children also have the opportunity to attend trip camp, which takes campers to different locations daily throughout the summer. Both part time and full time summer camp programs are offered.

The next goal of the YMCA is to focus on continuing to expand their child care services. They are looking to work with the community to offer more programs to meet the needs of the local residents. They are also looking to expand their summer camp program; the next large project is considering a 3-season lodge on the property for camper use.

With the recent security threats, the YMCA has been working closely with the Londonderry Police Department to come up with a comprehensive plan for the safety of all the children. They currently have emergency protocols, cards with children’s information, and one central location for dropping off and picking up children. They also work closely with the Londonderry School District.

More than just a place for kids, the YMCA offers a Wellness membership. For one low price per month, members can participate in all the various wellness programs offered at the branch. Classes are continually changing but include yoga, personal training, pilates, Zumba, soccer, basketball and more. The YMCA is also considering offering a pool membership during the summer months, which would allow members utilize the 50-meter in-ground pool with a teaching area and lifeguard on duty.

Through the growth over the years, the YMCA continues to base their strategic plan around what the community asks. They still keep many of the traditions of their past and their main focus is Youth Development, Healthy Living and Youth Responsibility. The YMCA still reinforces with core values of Responsibility, Honesty, Caring and Respect.

Hours at the YMCA vary, but summer camp is open from 7 AM until 6 PM Monday through Friday. Otherwise, there is typically someone onsite from 9 AM until 6 PM. Evening classes are also offered.

Visit the Londonderry YMCA at 206 Rockingham Road or online here.