Cross-Country Ski Trails

The Town Center trails are some of the most popular here in town. Groomed throughout the winter, the trails are great for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, or just taking a short hike through the snow-sprinkled trees. Circling orchards and cutting through trees, the trails can be accessed easily from Mack’s U-Pick 2 on Adams Road, Mack’s U-Pick 1 on Pillsbury Road, Mack’s Apples Farm Stand on Mammoth Road, and Mack’s U-Pick 3 on Pillsbury Road.

Print this trail map! This Town Center trail map will take you to all the best places in the center of Londonderry, whether on skis or foot! To print, simply click the image, hit save as, save under an easy name, then open and print! Take it along with you next time you hit the trails!


The North Orchard Loop is one-sixth of a mile; on the west side you will pass by semi-dwarf apple trees, on the east side the decades-old mature apple trees are bordered by the town forest. Crossing the orchard access road nearby where Mack’s U-pick 1 would be, a down hill run through the now dormant pumpkin field will bring you to the wetlands crossing.

The three-quarter mile Adams Pond Trail connector path will take you through a pine and hardwood canopy. With Adams Pond on your right, cross the bridge over the dam rebuilt by Londonderry Trailways. This will take you to the one-eighth of a mile South Orchard Loop ringing the edge of Mack’s U-Pick 2. To the south of the groomed cross country ski trail, you will travel along the edge of Adams Road, a New Hampshire scenic roadway. The X-Country trail runs between large old maples and the orchard.

Another cross-country option is to park at the Farm Stand on Mammoth Road and ski along Pear Loop and Poets Prance Trail. These trails circle and cut through pear and apple orchards, and the historical site and namesake known as Moose Hill. Atop the hill stands a gazebo perfect for taking a break and enjoying the peace and beauty of Londonderry.

Parking at the U-Pick 3 on the east side of Mammoth Road will take skiers around the orchards and pumpkin fields along Peace Pole Walk. The peace pole, the Town Hall, Mammoth Road and Matthew Thornton and the Grange Hall are the landmarks one may see along the Peace Pole trail.

Trail grooming for cross country skiing is performed as snow conditions permit. Conditions may vary at different times so users should ski at their own risk. Snowmobile and ATV traffic is not allowed on the trails or the property. In winter, walkers or snowshoers should be careful not to walk on the groomed tracks.

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