Little Bye Buys Boutique

With too-good-to-be-true deals, lightly weathered clothing, and toys, necessities, and equipment for all ages, Little Buy Byes is bound to have something for children of all ages and expectant mothers of all types. Owned and operated by Ilona Arndt, the store buys and sells lightly used baby and child products for reasonable prices.

After working in retail for a number of years, Arndt said she wanted to start her own business; she left her job last year and began researching different types of businesses. Wanting to stay with what she knew, retail became her focus. While shopping in different types of stores for her grandchildren, she realized there was no other secondhand clothing stores in Londonderry. After finding the perfect vacant space, Arndt opened Little Buy Byes on January 16, 2012.

Little Buy Byes accepts gently used clothing, toys and equipment. Most of the items are purchased directly from patrons and sold in the store, however larger items like strollers are accepted on consignment. Buying and selling prices are always fair to the customers.

The store offers a number of specials and coupons. On occasion, Arndt will place dollar bins in the store, which allows customers to purchase any item within the bin for a dollar. She will also do bag sales, which allows customers to fit as many clothing items from specific bins into a bag for only five dollars.

The store also boasts the “Wish Book.” This unique feature allows patrons to leave a note with a specific item they may be looking for or check the book for items others may be looking for. Arndt says one of the most popular items that customers look for are Pack and Plays.

Customers wishing to sell their items must make an appointment during which Arndt will screen each of the items. She looks for clean and fresh items that are in good shape and seasonally appropriate. Customers are welcome to stay during the appointment or can drop the items and return later. A maximum of 50 items are accepted during each appointment.

Items she will not accept are bedding, sheets, crib bumpers, etc. due to the cleanliness factor. Also, bottles and other personal items that have been opened, along with helmets, car seats and recalled items are not accepted.

Little Buy Byes is open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM until 5 PM and closed on Sundays. Be sure to visit their location at 44 Nashua Road in the Londonderry Commons Plaza.