Grocery Stores


Hannaford Supermarkets began in 1883 when Artur Hannaford took a one-horse cart to the waterfront of Portland, ME to sell quality produce. Less than 20 years later, in 1902, with the help of his brothers Howard and Edward, Arthur opened Hannaford Bros. Co. By 1939, Hannaford purchased HS Melcher Co., who ran Red and White Stores in Maine. This purchase opened Hannaford’s doors to the world of wholesale grocery.

In 1955 the merge with TR Savage Co. helped Hannaford prepare for future retail expansion in north Maine. Hannaford expanded further in 1966 with the purchase of the 31 store chain, Sampson’s Supermarket, and again in 1967 when they purchased Progressive Distributers, who handled specialty foods. In 1971, Hannaford owned 59 supermarkets throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont and 43 wholesale accounts. In 1984, Hannaford opened its first combination store which brought pharmacy services to existing supermarkets. The stores were called Super Shop ‘n Save.By 1987, Hannaford had spread to locations in New York and Massachusetts and in 1990 bought the 11 store chain, Alexander’s. Pushing further, Hannaford acquired the 20 store chain, Wilson’s Supermarkets, in North and South Carolina. Hannaford’s store brand name changed to Hannaford from Shop ‘n Save in 1996, and in 2002 stores throughout Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont changed to Hannaford. In 2004, Hannaford bought 19 Victory Stores throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and opens another 14 stores in 2006.

Hannaford came to Londonderry, NH in about 2004. The store is located at 6 Hampton Drive.


Shaw’s Supermarket Inc began in 1860 by a man named George Shaw. He began his first store in Portland, Maine. A few years later, Maynard A. Davis opened “Public Markets” in Brockton and New Bedford, Massachusetts. Together, these men formed what is now known as Shaw’s Supermarkets Inc. The successful growth of the company is attributed to the ingenuity of the two men. Their belief in quality products and services have withstood time, and are still important to the company today. The company proudly employees 30,000 associates throughout Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Vermont.Shaw’s is located in the Appletree Mall in Londonderry, NH. The Appletree Plaza is located on Orchard View Drive, just off Route 102.

Market Basket

A Greek-American in 1917 opened a “mom and pop” store in Lowell, Massachusetts. Little did he know, this would become a well known and highly controversial store. Athansios “Arthur” Demoulas, alongside his wife Efrosine, began their store specializing in fresh lamb. By barely surviving the Great Depression and the Second World War, this tight knit family felt blessed.

In 1954, the couple sold their store to their two sons, Mike and George Demoulas. Between 1950 and 1956, the store’s annual sales shot from $2,000 to $900,000. By the end on the 1960’s, the store expanded to a chain of 15 stores. Taking over the business entirely after George’s death in 1971, Mike continued the expansions. In the next two decades, he added a chain of Market Basket stores.

In the 1990’s family ownership issues resulted in years of law suits and court dates but this turmoil did not stop the company from flourishing. By 1996, the sales were estimated at 1.76 billion dollars. In 2010, the company opened its 62nd location in Oxford, Massachusetts. DeMoulas and Market Basket can be found throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

In the spring of 2011, the Londonderry Market Basket moved, just across the parking lot, to a new facility more than double the size of the old. The new store not only boasts more space and product, but also added Market’s Kitchen and Cafe. Shoppers can purchase freshly made meals, from pizza to sushi, as well as snack and beverages. They can enjoy their delicious selections in the store’s seating area, which offers free WiFi and large screen televisions. As an added bonus, shoppers can still enjoy the lowest prices in the area!

Market Basket is located off Route 102 in Londonderry, NH.