Dollar Store

Londonderry’s Dollar Store opened June 1, 2013, offering a bit of everything from kitchenware to seasonal items. Area residents Ray Sequera and Ivi Amaya own and operate the Dollar Store, which Sequera describes as a typical dollar store where everything costs just a dollar, but it’s privately owned and not part of a large franchise. “This is your local Dollar Store, not part of a chain,” he stated.

“I wanted to open something for my wife in the retail industry,” explained Sequera. After looking into a number of ventures and realizing the worldwide economic hardships, Sequera decided that the Dollar Store might help alleviate the problem to a certain point. And demographics like the closest Dollar Stores in the area and the number of cars that go by led him to the current location of the store.

Currently, the Dollar Store features a selection of both seasonal and permanent items. But, Sequera said, “The essence of the business is seasonal. About seventy percent of the items are seasonal and the other thirty are the staples,” like toilet paper, hair products, and soaps. He added, “Every season has its time and products and you work around that.”

Giving an overview, Sequera said the store is broken into sections by categories. These include health, which features things like shampoos and face creams; food, which has things like canned goods, oils and boxed goods; toys; paper products like toilet paper and paper towels; cookware like aluminum pans; kitchenware like wooden spoons; balloons; wrapping paper; and pet products.

Customers can look forward to some new “nontraditional” items, as Sequera described them, in the next few months. “We’re going to start buying right from the source next month,” he explained. This will allow Sequera and Amaya to pick their own products and be their own suppliers, as well as provide unique items to customers. They also plan on having some privately labeled items available.

“I think it’ll be different; things that you would sell here because of the location. Because we know the demographics, we know the products that would fit for Londonderry,” said Sequera. “This is a unique town. You can see how, when the kids walk in, they behave different from a different town. They’re well-behaved.”

With this new product, Sequera ensured that the store would not lose it’s “clean” look. “The idea is to keep it clean and organized,” he stated. This means that he and Amaya would not be buying products just for the sake of having something to put on their shelves.

Plans for what Sequera and Amaya are calling a Merit Credit Program are currently underway at the Dollar Store. The program would allow for teachers at local schools to recognize a student’s successes. Each teacher would be provided with 100 “coupons” to hand out to students during the school year. The coupon would then allow the student to come to the Dollar Store and purchase an item.

“If a child does well in mathematics or biology, we will give the teachers merit credit so they can come to the store,” said Sequera. The focus of the program would be on elementary schools, but every school would be able to participate. The program’s design phase has been completed and the implementation phase is currently underway, Sequera explained.

On Saturday, September 28, 2013, the Dollar Store, in conjunction with Edible Arrangements, will host a Grand Opening celebration from 2 PM until 5 PM. The event will feature fun for all ages. Be sure to stop by their location at 123 Nashua Road in the Crossroads Plaza in Londonderry!