Sunnycrest Farms offers fresh cut flowers less than $1 for each stem, this U-Pick is one of a different variety! Located just off High Range Road and to the right of the farm stand, these stems, once assembled into a bunch, would make a great centerpiece for your family table or picnic table this weekend at your outdoor event.

Bright yellow bee working on a pink flower in a Londonderry, NH field

Check for bee's before you pick!

Got a bigger budget? Go for the Sunflowers! They cost more for each stem, but are 10 times the size! If you are interested in the best selection of U-Pick in New England you need to visit Londonderry, New Hampshire.

When flowers are blooming for you to pick, many other items at our many farms are ready to be picked or picked up and taken home.  Flowers are a long season, so expect to have raspberries, blueberries and apples to be picked fresh from the field.

Flower Picking Facts

  • Pick flowers in the morning. Flowers picked during the afternoon may cause the more delicate flower to wilt just from heat and plant shock.
  • Bring a wet towel or even water to place the flower into immediately. If using a flower basket to place the flowers in, make sure that the weight of any flower does not crush another flower.
  • Get a few sprays of green leaves or fern to go with the flowers. It adds volume to the flowers and emphasizes the colors.
  • Check each flower stem for insects.
  • Once home, check the cut on the flower stem. A clean cut and a cut on an angle are preferred.

Farms that have U-Pick Flowers in Londonderry:

Sunnycrest Farm, fields open 7 AM to noon

Picking season is typically July through the first frost.