Want to have fun and pick your own fresh grapes?

Sunnycrest Farm, located in historic Londonderry, New Hampshire, is known for its large variety of you pick fruits, vegetables and flowers.  Located in the center of this farming community, Sunnycrest is a short drive from Boston and other locations throughout New England.

Unlike most small fruits, grapes will keep for several weeks if they are picked carefully and stored in a very cool, well-ventilated place.

Did you know…
With a unique combination of crunchy texture and sweet, tart flavor, grapes have gained extreme popularity.  Grapes are the second most popular fruit after oranges. They can be eaten as a refreshing snack as well as used in vegetable and fruit salads. Grapes can be consumed in fresh or preserved form. They can be canned in jellies, crushed to prepare juices or wines and dried to prepare raisins. One grape vine can grow up to 50 feet long and can have about 40 clusters of grapes. Grapes are known for having a high nutritional value. Grapes are rich in vitamin C and vitamin K. They contain low levels of cholesterol, fat and sodium.

Grape Picking Facts

  • Grapes should not be picked until they are fully ripe because they will not develop full flavor if harvested before they are completely mature.
  • Cut each cluster from the vine with a knife or pruning shears, handling them as little as possible.
  • Lay the clusters in a basket or other container, using care to avoid crushing.

Farms that have fresh U-Pick Grapes (Concord, Reliant)  in Londonderry:

Sunnycrest Farm, fields open 7 AM to noon

Picking season is generally September through October.