Fresh locally hand picked tomatoes and Basil.  Delicious!

Elwood Orchards has ripe tomatoes for U-Pick.  A short trip from Boston, Salem, Nashua, Manchester, or Concord, Elwood truly is a hidden jewel in Southern New Hampshire. Located in Londonderry, the orchard has continued its long history of family farming.  You can meet the family at the farm stand most days.

Don’t store ripe tomatoes in the fridge. Cold temperatures lessen the flavor in tomatoes.

Did you know…
Tomatoes are among the foods that contain the highest amount of lycopene, and the concentration is increased when tomatoes are processed into other foods, such as ketchup, tomato sauce and soup. Other foods that have a high concentration of lycopene include tomato juice, pink grapefruit and vegetable soups.  The lycopene contained in tomato products is thought to help prevent the development of cervical and breast cancer in women. It has also been known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in lung cancer.  In fact, men can reduce their risk for developing prostate cancer by up to 43%.  Cooking tomatoes in oil you can help to increase your body’s natural absorption of the nutrients in tomatoes.  Tomatoes are thought to be very beneficial for helping to treat aggressive cancers, even if they have spread to other areas of the body. Although tomatoes are helpful, this is a condition that needs medical supervision so you should always let your doctor decide on your treatment.

The lycopene in tomatoes is very good for the eyes. Age related issues with the eyes might be prevented if you eat enough tomato products throughout your life.  Tomatoes are an excellent source of potassium, calcium, and vitamin A and C. All of these are important nutrients needed for optimal health. Among the tomato facts include the fact that tomatoes can also be very good for the skin. When you eat enough foods that contain cooked tomatoes, what you will get is protection against UV damage. Studies have shown that when you eat tomato products, you would have 33% more protection from sunburn.

While tomatoes are perfectly safe and healthy to eat, their leaves are actually toxic! If you want to be technical about it, a tomato is, in fact, a fruit since it is the ripened ovary of a seed plant. But for those of you who like to insist that tomatoes really act more like a veggie, well you’ll be glad to hear about the U.S. Supreme Court case of NIX v. HEDDEN, which took place in 1893. The case was over, you guessed it, whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable — and the Supreme Court ruled that tomatoes were to be considered vegetables.

Tomato Picking Facts

  • Check the weight of the tomato to see if it seems heavier than it should. A ripe tomato always feels like it’s heavier than an unripe one.
  • Get as close as possible to the tomato in question, and give it a good sniff. A ripe tomato will have a garden fresh aroma that is quite different than an unripe tomato.
  • Give the tomato a gentle, light squeeze. A ripe tomato should feel fairly soft (but not mushy) when squeezed. An unripe tomato will most likely be hard as a baseball.
  • Gently remove the tomato from the stem.

Farms that have fresh U-Pick Tomatoes in Londonderry:

Elwood Orchard, fields open 8 AM to 6 PM

Picking Season is generally July though September.