American Tire Distributors

American Tire Distributors began in 1935 as the J.H. Heafner Company, Inc. in Lincolnton, North Carolina with one tire store. Fifty years later, the company purchased Beach Tire Mart, adding five distribution centers in Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas and Tennessee. In 1991, J.H. Heafner Company acquired Commonwealth Tire, adding another two locations.

By 1997, the company had purchased a 132-store chain, Oliver & Winston, Inc. The following January, the company pioneered the Wheel Wizard program, which allowed dealers to visually install a variety of wheels on vehicles to demonstrate product views to customers. The same year, the company merged with ITCO Logistics Company and acquired The Speed Merchant Inc. dba Competition Parts Warehouse to expand distribution to the western states.

In 1999, the J.H. Heafner Company acquired California Tire Company, LLC., adding four distribution centers on the west coast. Boston-based Charlesbank Capital Partners, LLC, became majority owners of the company that same year, and the company completed a reincorporation under the name Heafner Tire Group, Inc.

The following year, Heafner Tire Group expanded into central and the northeast United States by acquiring T.O Haas Tire Co. and Merchants, Inc. The company also introduced AutoEdge, a marketing program, and the Xpress Performance program, providing dealers with high performance products with no additional charge. Over the next 13 years, the company would launch several new programs, acquire many new branches, change its focus from retail to distribution and change its name to American Tire Distributors, Inc.

American Tire has more than 100 distribution centers throughout the United States and continues to grow by recently expanding into Canada with more than 20 distribution centers established. The company has nearly 10 million square feet of inventory, a field of dedicated sales specialists, industry-leading technology, state-of-the-art logistics, and more. The company provides tires, wheels, and supplies for passenger vehicles, tractor-trailers, buses, farm machinery, and much more.

Located in Londonderry on Jack’s Bridge Road, American Tire Distributors built their first New Hampshire warehouse in 2012. Measuring 125,000 square feet and reaching a capacity of 80,000 tires, the warehouse is valued at $8,157,400.

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